Location: Tharwa, New South Wales

Date: April 11, 2006

Name Of Witness: Male witness, name is withheld



It was 3am in the morning when it happened. Not to me, to my brother in law. The night was dark as it is always dark in the bush around that area.

My brother was asleep on the couch, with the light on and his lounge room wall is all windows and with the back entrance in the middle. He got up to get a drink and as he got up, he heard a weird sound coming from behind him.

He turned around to see a large, hairy beast looking at him through the window. Its hair was a reddish orange colour standing the same height as the verandah, but crouching over. It's nose was flat, across its face and its eyes were a red colour. Describe

The creature seemed to be attracted to the light coming from his lounge room. As I said before, it is usually dark in them parts of the house. It seemed to be just staring at him through the window.

Other Observations: My brother freaked, grabbed his gun and shot at it and the creature ran. Then woke his wife and kids up, jumped in the car and came into town to his parents house at approx 4.30am.

They forgot to put the dog in the car and it was left in a large caged area in their yard, but when they decided to return back to their house ( with backup people driving behind them), the dog was gone.

We talked to his neighbours and they told us that they go to bed with all the power off right on night fall, hoping that if this creature was to stumble onto their property, it would pass the house by.







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