Location: Tharwa, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 2017

Time: 10.30am



As we were driving between Canberra and Adaminaby on the back road through Tharwa and the Namadgi National Park, my son (5 1/2 y.o.) told me that he saw a "black guy hiding behind a tree - he had spikey hair - I think he was a devil". He described how he saw a hand holding a tree. He said, "he stared at me and I stared right back'"

Although I had never mentioned Yowies to him, I explained that he hadn't seen a devil, it was a wild forest man. From this point, he started calling him "the bushman”.

I slowly got some details from him as I didn't want to make it a big deal...

He said it happened before the road turned to dirt. It was "two seconds away" meaning close to the road. It was kind of crouched behind the tree. He didn't see the face "it was all black". He was about shoulder high (compared to me, his dad) when crouched.

I did a sketch based on what he described. He agrees this sketch is pretty much what he saw.


There may be a few details I have missed but this is the gist of it. The bushman was close to the road hiding behind a forked tree somewhere on the road from Tharwa up to the old tracking stations in Namadgi. My son saw this and his account is pretty matter-of-fact which impresses upon me that he knows what he saw. Unfortunately, he only mentioned it to me about 1/2 hour after it happened. I saw nothing.








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