Location: Wanaaring

Event: Sighting

Date: March 2003

Terrain: Scrubby farmland


Well it was just before dark, when I was driving around my property checking the waters for the sheep and cattle. I always suspected something to be out here, it is so isolated and for months on end a person may not visit a part of the property because it is so big. Therefore a yowie could well be there undisturbed for months and would have no reason to be scared away.

I had been seeing dead goats and pigs around some of the water holes, it is very unusual to see dead pigs as they are the ones that usually do the killing. So I knew something funny was going on.

The pigs had not been eaten however, only the goats, I believe that the yowie may have thought that the pigs were a threat and killed them but did not eat them. I have not figured that out yet.

I was at the last waterhole checking everything before going home, and had the 'you know what' scared out of me.

Dead horse, dead cow, dead goats, sheep, roos, emus you name it something had been having a feast. And the smell, this horrible stench like rotting carcases and wet rotting clothes or something.

There was a nest as well that I had not noticed before, a couple of broken trees and lots of leaves had been pushed up in a heap, it looked like a giants bed, but I was starting to realise that whatever was doing, this might do it to me, so I got in the Toyota and sat for a while with the rifle and the spot light just in case it got dark.

I thought that the best thing to do might be to let a shot of out of the rifle, if anything was around it might move and I may be able to hear or see it.

So I let the shot off, big noise, big rifle. And it happened. I heard a big crash and something jumped out of a big Box tree that was growing on the edge of the water hole. Bang it hit the ground but at this stage I could only here it and didn't see anything just yet, and then another noise like a lion crossed with awolf, very loud, it did it a couple of times. You can imagine that I was now very worried for my safety.

One of my dogs jumped off the ute and ran towards the creature barked twice and then nothing. I haven't seen it since.

I turned the spotty on as the sun was just going, I saw it, I saw it, I will never ever forget, only its back but I knew that this was no creature or animal I had ever seen before. Its back was wide like the size of a fridge and it would have been about 7 feet tall, a bit like a huge gorilla but it seemed to be a lot more agile.

I could hear it stomping away and then nothing, well you can imagine what I did, straight home for this scared puppy. So be careful, there is something out there, you really have to see it to believe it.





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