Location: Walgett, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Jan, 1982

Witness: Mrs Cohan



"About 22 years ago, I was at my boyfriends parents home in Walgett NSW Australia. We had spent the day cleaning the backyard because we had a party the previous day. We had packed all the rubbish in old 44 gallon drums (about three that were placed in various positions about the yard).

My boyfriend and I had decided to go to bed early but could not sleep because of the humidity, so we laid there talking to each other in the dark. There were no curtains on the window frames as the room we were sleeping in was empty except for a bed.

Whilst we were laying there, there was a noise, it sounded like a dog was mucking about with the rubbish, so I looked out of the window to shoo the dog away but it looked like a small boy with a lot of hair all over him and he was searching in the drum and throwing rubbish all over the backyard.

 I laid there trying to comprehend what I was actually seeing. The small hairy boy was rolling around on the grass and scratching his back exactly like a dog would but it was evident that this was no dog. We got up quietly (I should mention that my partner witnessed these events), to go wake other members of the household but he must of saw us and disappeared.

I am Indigenous Australia and there a number of Indigenous people that have sighted our version of what you would call a sasquatch, our people call them Yowies.

My people have quite a few tales to tell of sightings over the years. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation".









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