Location: Warragamba, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2003 


I was taking a brake on the Bush Walking track as I have only just returned to my passion of the Australian Bush where I was sitting there was the obvious sounds of the waterfall and also a sound that in my 14yrs of walking experience I had (have) never heard.

I stood up and looked in the direction of where I heard the noise coming from, only to see nothing.

I then realised the sound was being rebounded of the rock walls. Turning I saw an ape-like animal not as hairy but, skinny and long limbed.

As I started to walk closer it looked up and sniffed the air then ran off into the scrub. I ran after it but could only hear branches snapping and then it was gone.

The only other noises were the occasional bird being disturbed etc.

I returned to the spot where it was sitting and found a half print like a skinny mans foot no droppings or hair.  







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