Location: Warrimoo, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2005

Time: Night




4WD - We had gone down Valley Road, the gate was open and we crossed the creek gone up the hill, turned left and gone down the end of the trial which was a dead end. We found an old track that looked like it was grown over so we started to drive down that in low range – first gear. There a 12ft drop on one side, and a rock ledge.

We got out and my friend was out the front with a Dolphin torch showing me where to put the wheels so we didn’t slide into a rut as we drove over. I saw someone at our 6 O’clock. Dan put the light on it and it took two steps, which would have been equiv of 8 or 10 of ours, and it was just like freight train pushing through the bush like nothing I’ve seen before. You could see the tops of the trees moving as it went through.

It was about 40ft away, but down lower than us. There was no eye shine or anything like that. But it had no neck and was well over 7ft. It took off through the bush like nobody’s business. Sounded like it was dragging a train carriage through.

Damage was done to the 4WD getting out of there.





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