Location: Wauchope, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: July, 2010











Hi Dean,




We just wanted to report a few yowie sightings at our house in Wauchope.


On 19th June at approx 6pm, my brother headed outside to get some dvds out of my car. He didn't bother to turn any lights on because my car was only parked just outside the garage.


We live on a 2.5 acre property surrounded by other people on acres. Our neighbour to the right has approx 100 acres for his business and he backs onto thick scrub.


As my brother was walking to the car he heard heavy footsteps in the bush to the right of our house, and they were following him. When he stopped walking, the thing in the bush stopped walking, when he walked again it also started walking. He then screamed out for us to turn on the outside lights and locked himself in the car. When we went to investigate, whatever it was had disappeared.


On 26th June at approx 6pm, my brothers girlfriend was walking down our driveway back towards the house. She was also on the right of the house, closest to the 100 acre property. She was walking alone and did not have a torch with her, just the inbuilt torch on her mobile phone. She then heard tree branches falling from a tree, and something landing heavily on the ground. She then heard something running at her on all fours and making large thudding sounds with each step.


She put on her torch light and saw a large black figure running towards her on all fours, approx 4.5ft tall when it was on all fours. When she started screaming and my brother ran outside, she lost sight of it.


On 27th June at approx 7.30pm myself, my brother, and my brothers girlfriend all went outside to see if we could spotlight anything on our neighbours property. As we worked our way down the yard we saw a large black man shaped silhouette standing on a hilltop approx 300m away from us.


The moon is extremely bright at the moment and the trees on the hilltop are very well spaced. We attempted to spotlight it but were too far away for the light to have any effect. We saw the creature walking back and forth between the trees and attempted to spotlight again. When we again turned our light off, it stopped walking and stood completely still. It then dropped to all fours and we lost sight of it in the dark. 



Where we live, the properties between our house and the Oxley Highway, all back onto the Bago State Forest, which is extremely thick bushland, and we thought that maybe your investigators might like to consider investigating here considering our three encounters within the last week.


I'm also a bit concerned for the safety of our pet dogs and was wondering if you had heard of any confirmed yowie attacks on domestic pets?







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