Location 1: Wee Jasper, New South Wales

Location 2: Uki, New South Wales

Events: Yowie Sightings

Date: 1980's




I've had Two encounters.

The 1st was Audible and the 2nd Both Audible and visual.

1st was on the road that leads to Mt Warning from Wollombi Caravan Park between Murwillumbah and Uki on the NSW North coast at night, no moon.

2nd was on the road between the rodeo ground outside the NSW town of Wee Jasper and the turn off to the pine forest known as Buccleuch Forest that leads to Tumut and Canberra, again at night, both times in the company of the same person, renown herpetologist Brian McLean. Sclerophyll forest rangy country, granite outcrops, steep gullies leading to thicker pine and blackberry chocked ravines. Caves in the area.

The terrain for the 1st encounter was very close wooded sclerophyll forest leading up to rain forest at the base of Mt Warning. Creeks, soaks etc lots of wildlife. We were on a snake collecting expedition. 2nd time was on a winding gravel road that wound from semi open rangy rocky country and got thicker as it got higher ending up in thick old growth pine forest interspersed with pockets of eucalypt.

Witnessed on the first occasion was a loud cough or sound like one clearing ones throat, followed by a long drawn out and spine chilling half scream half yell that tailed off and ended in several guttural grunts or coughs followed by the sound of huge branches being cracked.


2nd time: Whilst walking under a starry clear sky, heavy footfalls that stopped when we stopped and began when we continued, a loud regular breathing. Undeniably bipedal.


After a time we became almost bold and stopped and moved slightly toward the sound, upon shining a very weak torch toward it i could see at the limit of the light, crouching hunched over slightly behind a tree a very bulky , massively shouldered, creature peeping at me. It was a definite rusty brown. I spoke to it and challenged it but after a minute we continued on our way. Most strangely another similar footfall advanced from an intercepting direction and we were aware of a second but what seemed smaller one. We were so aware of being stalked that it became almost ludicrous, we sang and talked out loud to it and then after about half an hour we were suddenly alone. They had gone silently as they came.


Both times the weather was balmy, clear and perfect

It possessed the most inhuman yell. Unforgettable! and the breathing, cough, grunt was massive.

I'm buggered if i know what it was doing there, just yelling ang crashing about 2nd time, following us at about 20 mtrs away and playing hide and bloody seek.

We witnessed it for over 5 minutes at a distance of 20 mtrs give or take.



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