Location: Wentworth Falls, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1979

Source: Daily Mirror. 1979 - Tony Maguire.



A Blue Mountains couple yesterday told of their close encounter of the furred kind. Hospital wardsman Leo George and his wife Patricia, claimed the latest sighting of the Abominable Snowman's Australian cousin, the Yowie.

They say they spotted the hairy, three metre tall monster while bush walking near their home in Wentworth Falls. "It was very eerie", said 32-year-old Mr. George.

"First we saw a dad Kangaroo with all the flesh ripped from its hindquarters and a few minutes later we came across a massive footprint in the sand. The print was four toed, about 30cm's long, and we started to get a strange feeling we were being watched."

"We walked father along the creek bed, then suddenly saw a shaggy grey mass disappearing through the trees."

Mrs. George took up the story: "The beast was at least 3 metres tall and was too long-haired to be a Kangaroo - its fur was about 6cms long. It shambled away silently. I'm certain that what we saw was a Yowie."

A few days later Mr. George was spotlight shooting in the same area with his son Naunton, 17, when he had another strange encounter. "The spotlight picked up a pair of red eyes, the size of tennis balls," he said. "We were a bit afraid but we left the spotlight on the car and walked towards the apparition.

The eyes disappeared as we got nearer and by the time we got to where they'd been there was nothing to be seen. But once again we had the feeling that we were being watched.

Suddenly tremendous crashing noises came from the thicket behind us. I was sure it was the Yowie again - and we broke records getting away from the spot."

Mrs. George said: "My husband doesn't frighten easily - but both he and Naunton were white-faced and trembling when they got home. There's no doubt about it, there is Yowies in the area.

On other occasions we've seen trees which seemed to have been just snapped by some fearfully strong thing. We believe our Yowies are friendly creatures and only become aggressive if they are shot at or if they merely see someone with a rifle.

We'll keep going back to this spot and hope to eventually get a photograph of one of the creatures."









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