Location: Wentworth Falls, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2003

Time: Night




I’d had an argument with my partner this particular night, and I decided to take off in the car to go for a drive and clear the head. I was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer and only doing about 10 km/h just putting along, and going steady. We’d been for a drive down this road to freak ourselves out for a laugh before, and the area is also part quarantined and has a spooky reputation among people who know the area.


So anyway, I’m heading down the road and out of nowhere I see this big black tall really built thing on my left hand side of the road. It made me say, “What the **** is that?!”. At first glance I had thought it was someone playing a trick in a monkey suit but as it came closer, I quickly realised that there was NO WAY that thing was someone in a suit! I then jumped on the breaks looking in shock trying to figure out what this thing could be? It scared the shit out of me!


 Then from my right side came walking out of the bushes 2 more of them. These 2 were much taller than the first, towering a good 8ft and were well built. They met up with the first one, and were talking among themselves and then almost synchronistically raised their arms pointing to my car. You could see that their minds were thinking and plotting some kind of plan as they conversed with each other. I was really freaking out at this stage, and when I realised they were going to come over to me, I had buried my head between my knees out of pure dread for what I thought was about to happen.


 I looked up to see the 3 of them walking around the back and sides of the car. They were walking about in a U shape, and were walking from the left window, to the back of the car, and to the right window, keeping clear of the front of the car and the headlights, almost as if they were inspecting every part of the vehicle. I got the impression that they didn’t like the headlight shine, which is why I didn’t see them through the windscreen at any stage of the encounter.


 One of them held their hand out to my window but didn’t touch it. I don’t recall seeing how many fingers it had, as there were real tears in my eyes preventing me from making them out. There was a smell, like when you are following a garbage truck, it was rotten and coming from the fan I had running. I finally remembered the air horns I had hooked up and held them down and blaring, scaring them into the bushes. I had to sit and collected myself for a minute, then quickly made my way out of there.


 As soon as I got to the main road I called my girlfriend and she drove out to where I had stopped to pick me up and take me home. I was too shaken to drive any further, so we left the car on the side of the road and I let her drive me home. When we arrived, I grabbed up my girl and just hugged her. I was so scared at the time! I told a few people about my encounter and then came forward to report to AYR officially.


To describe them better, the 2 bigger ones would have been at least 8 feet tall, the smaller around 7ft. They had longish arms, longer than a human’s and were of a massive build. They all looked the same, apart from one of them being shorter. I remember seeing the big eyes and the blackness shine from them as they looked at me through the car windows. I don’t know if they had fur or hair but know that they were a black in colour. They walked with a slight slump but mostly like a person with a huge stride. I heard no noises, the windows were wound up and I also had the fan running so I couldn’t hear what kind of noises they were making if any. I felt threatened and didn’t pay too much attention to details, as I really thought this thing was going to punch through my window and smack me in the face if I looked at it for too long. When they disappeared after I hit the air horns, they bounded of with one great big leap and a stride and then were gone in a flash.


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