Location: Orberon, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1990




Hi Dean,


My brother in law would like me to convey to you the encounter I had, with what I believe was a Yowie, and occurred in a pine forest plantation near Oberon, NSW in about 1990.


To understand the significance of what I experienced that day, I feel you need to understand that I was at the plantation because I had an extremely fiercely trained guard dog and the pine forests provided one of the only places where I could take her, and give her off leash exercise in an unpopulated place. I used to go to the pine forest plantations in Oberon for a day trip each week, to exercise my dogs. 


I had 2 cattle dogs, 2 German shepherds, and 2 other part bred German shepherds.  One of the part bred German shepherds, was my guard dog, she had been trained with police guard dog training techniques and she was the leader of my dog pack.

She was a big dog; Many times people asked me if she was crossed with a great dane! She wasn't just your average barking dog, she was a very dangerous dog and she wasn't scarred of anything!  I was acquainted with a man who trained police guard dogs and he had told me how to select a dog by specific temperament type and then how to train a dog the way that he trains the police dogs. 


When my training with her was completed, he was very impressed with her, and commended me, saying she was one of the best attack dogs, he had seen. She was bold and fearless!  This training process involved empowering the dog to not back down from attack, the more the dog is attacked, the more the dog attacks. (For the sake of animal lovers reading this account, this training process is tremendously enjoyed by the dog as it is done with games and no harm is done to the dog)


This particular afternoon, we were in one of the pine forests near Oberon and I let the dogs out of the car and they were wondering around together, everything was quiet and peaceful, when out of nowhere came the most weird, high pitched, screaming, animal sound I've ever heard!

All of a sudden all 6 of my dogs went racing down into the valley toward a large pile of logging trash, I couldn't comprehend what on earth was going on, suddenly I saw a figure standing behind the pile of logs.


It was well camouflaged, being the colour of the logging trash and shaggy. The pile of logs was high, but the figure was taller and moving, with its upper torso and head visible.  My dogs were half way down the hill toward this creature, when all at once, simultaneously, my dogs did an about face and came bolting back to me. 

 I had only glimpsed at the creature, when I saw my dogs turn tail and run, with my fearlessly courageous guard dog leading them, I was terrified!!!  This was a dog that was arrogant and didn't run from anything, but she was running from this! 


I turned and ran as fast as I could back to my station wagon, the back door had been left open when the dogs had gotten out, they came running and jumped into the back of the wagon, I slammed the door shut and locked myself into the car and drove out of there as fast as I could.  I never took the dogs back to a pine forest again after that experience!

Whenever I am tempted to think this was some kind of a hoax, that it was someone dressed up to look like a yowie, I quickly dismiss the thought because of the behavior of my dogs.


Those dogs were frightened and that was not a characteristic that they possessed. They had encountered wild boars in the pine forests and were never afraid of them, they certainly weren't afraid of people, this was something all together different and frightening, for my dogs to run from it! 


For the record, I firmly believe that yowies are reclusive animals, most likely an ape species and not para normal beings.


Hope this is of interest to you,










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