Location: Byron Shire (Main Arm), New South Wales


Event: Footprint Find


Date: 2003








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I used to spend a lot of time up at my friends house in Upper Main Arm 

when I was a kid. I remember staying there for 10 days in a row once, which was a lot for a 8 year old.


We used to do everything from exploring the bush to looking for gems in the creeks, all very fun. I remember we used to have the house to ourselves a lot because his parents always seemed to go to work or to town.


My friend and I were cooking bacon and about to go down stairs into the Playstaion Room, when I looked out the front door and to my total surprise an ape walked right past, from right to left up on a embankment that was about 3 meters in front and 1.5 meters high.


I clearly remember seeing this LARGE ape thing about 6 foot tall (it wasn’t standing totally upright tho).


It was very shaggy looking, and brown colour hair all over its body.


At that moment I yelled "Jeremy there’s a ape outside!" but he didn’t hear me. I ran downstairs and told him, he laughed and dismissed it. He thought I was joking for he knew apes didn’t live in Australia, (I thought that what I just saw wasn’t anything unusual, because at the time I thought apes did live in



I was very focused on the video game shortly after, I totally forgot about this

experience until I was about 16, when one day I was surfing with my best mate Zach.


We were chatting away and he began to tell me about an article he had read in the Tweed Shire Newspaper about these Japanese tourists sighting a large ape like creature, then suddenly like lighting I remembered my experience.


As soon as we finished the surf I went to his house and read the whole article 3 or 4 times, to which it said that the main places to see a yowie was Papua New Guinea, Lamington National Rainforest AND... to my surprise..... MAIN



I did a bit of research and found that the aborigines had ancient tales of the yowie, which was total proof in my mind that these creatures exist.


I told Jeremy’s parents, and his Dad said that his Sister who had stayed alone up at the house for a couple weeks, had also seen one. I was so happy that someone

else had seen one, at the same house!


I haven’t talked about it since then but I thought I would like to share this with some people who actually have done their research and are not biased; for I know you guys/girls will respect my experience and understand it.


Well thanks a lot and I hope this helps, pls please reply. 





Rama E.
















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