Location: Callala Bay, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer 1992

Time: Afternoon



You don't try and think about it too much because there's no real answer to what you see.

It happened around 28 or 29 years ago, and it's only when a neighbour put us on to your show that it was like, we really did see something.  You just don't know, when you see something you just can't fathom, what you've seen really.


We were on a round trip from Orient Point to Nowra, then Kalala Bay and back to Orient Point.


Once we left the Princess Highway and we started towards Kalala Bay, my husband at the time was a, ‘being a guy’, when he hit the dirt road. Kind of skidding here and there and everywhere.

It was probably about five minutes or so going down the dirt road and we stopped.


We drove down a water runoff that was on the side of the road. It was slightly down a hill.  It was look like a bit of a dry creek bed and it was pretty sparse.


There was no water in the creek and it was pretty open.  We went down a little way, so you couldn't see us from the road. We just stopped the car and it was pretty windy.


We were sitting there for a minute. And this thing, about as tall as a horse was doing these big steps and going diagonal from us.

So we couldn't see the face or anything, but it was just kind of like doing a really fast paced walk diagonal across the, the creek. I don't know if it's saw us or not. It was about,  probably about 100 metres away I suppose, so it was pretty close like, and the one colour.


Like a sandstone colour. It's like a light cream and a little bits of brown.

I was fixated on the arm, because the arm was just like a grandfather clock. You know, the pendulum on a grandfather clock. It was just like these big swoops of this big arm, and you kind of look at it and you think, is that a, is that someone in a suit?


And then you, and then like instantly you go, there's no way, because you can kind of see muscle and tone, and the hands. It was going in a diagonal direction away from us.


Then it vanished.

It's something that's really stayed with me. Back then we didn't have the internet, and we couldn't afford the computers or anything, so we had the encyclopedias and  the only thing I could put it down to was that Gigantopithecus.


Gigantopithecus used to be around not that all long ago. So yeah, that's what I just thought of. It was just a weird thing. 


We've started getting into four wheel driving now that the kids are older. The neighbour across the road goes four wheel driving and somehow the conversation came up between my husband and him. He told us about your show and it was like, Thank God! We weren't nuts back then.


I told my mum who didn't believe me, and we haven't really spoken about it to anyone because it's not really something you bring up because it's just so farfetched, unless someone else has seen something. It's a bit hard to bring up in conversation.

People look at you and think, really?


It would have been spring or summer, because we didn't usually go down in the wintertime.


We turned off down into the gully on the right hand side of the dirt road, and went down a little bit. You couldn't actually see the road. We couldn't hear anything because of the wind and we were in the car anyway. It was just like, there, the timing of it was amazing that this thing was there.


I don't know if it heard us coming because of the way he was driving - he was being a bit of a maniac on the dirt roads.  Perhaps it was kind of curious and then was startled because we actually went down into the bush, I don't know. 

We saw its left-hand side. It was going towards Kalala Bay, towards the ocean side.


It wasn’t muscly, but more towards a normal person's muscle.

It wasn't like a jacket that's loose and you don't see any definition. You could definitely see the hair from the top to the bottom.

You look at it and you think, nah, like that can't be real.


The main thing I was looking at was the arm and the legs, I suppose, because it took very big steps, like if you were jumping over a puddle. It was just like a big thing that walked really weirdly. 

It just kind of blended, really blended in to the landscape and the dirt. It was just like camouflaged so well. It blended into everything and just disappeared.


The hair length was same, but short enough that you could see the muscle tone, but it wasn't overly short or overly long.

I was looking at the arm thinking, what the hell, why is it so big? It just looked really long, longer than like a normal person. And if you see a man running or a woman running, they don't run like that anyway.


But the arm just looked longer, like down close to the knee.  Ours would probably go just past your hips, but this was down close to the knee and it was swinging like a pendulum. It was amazing.

The legs looked normal, not overly long, and you could see the muscle tone through the hair.

It was as tall as a normal horse would be, so about a head and a half above us. It wasn't tall, skinny and lanky. It looked thick, like it wasn't malnourished or anything, whatever it was, it was muscular and healthy.


There wasn't a tree line. It was all open with lots of gum trees, and it was very dry.

It went down and then it crossed the dry creek a bit, then just went up the other side over the rise or up behind the trees or something.


It is so reassuring to know that other people have seen this stuff. It's really great. It really gives you a bit of comfort.


You rarely see koalas and kangaroos, so you've got to be pretty lucky, I suppose, to be there at the right time to see something like this, I suppose.




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