Location: Bundarra, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1997



Just after daybreak, I was bow hunting along a creek bank when I heard a disturbance ahead no more than 30 metres.

I thought I had spooked a pig until i heard heavy running on two legs. I thought it was an emu until I saw what looked like the back of a man disappear into the thick bush.

I was pretty uneasy when the running stopped I expected it to return and all I had was a wimpy bow and arrow and this was bigger than I wanted to take on. I moved forward another 15 or so yards when the most fowl stench hit my nose it was like rotten carcasses it was wrong and all my senses told me to run.

I loaded the bow and moved another 10 yards to find a grassed patch all pushed down where it was laying. Probably 10 ft long 4 feet wide and this bed down area was where the stink was coming from I remember coughing up flem and gagging at the smell.

I could not see anything dead or rotten just a dirty patch of bed down area. Anyway that’s my story and it doesn’t tell you much I just thought after reading up on the yowie that my experience might actually have validity.











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