Location: Bundarra, New

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1984

Time: 4.30pm

Witness: M. K.



My Nan used to have a property down there at the Gap. We used to shoot rabbits and roo’s and spend a fair bit of time down there.


One afternoon I’d come back and sat down. I was cleaning my gun and was looking through it scanning along the hill, and on this hill is a big granite rock that stuck out. I just happened to see these two big things walk out. I wasn’t quite sure what they were.


They looked like two big tall red/brown creatures and one walked out onto the rock and knelt down and the other one walked out behind this thing. They didn’t do much, they didn’t make any noises. After a while they just walked back off into the bush.


Out of all the years I spent out there, that was the only time I’d ever seen them. They just happened to walk out in my line of sight. They were nothing I’ve ever seen before. They were very tall. Kind of a browny reddy black, but more red, like a dull red. They had long arms that came straight down from the shoulders, long arms. They both looked the same. They were solid. They would have been wider than a person. The heads sat right in the middle of the shoulders. They would have been about 7ft tall.


I never told anyone because I didn’t want to be laughed at. But it was a long time ago and I was browsing on the internet and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to tell someone now.


So they both just walked out onto the rock. One knelt down and was looking around it and the other one came out and stood behind it looking around, it stayed upright the entire time. They didn’t move around much, they were just standing there looking around. The one kneeling down seemed to be looking at the grass up against the rock and the other one was looking along the hill. They weren’t in any hurry. Then the one kneeling down, stood up and they both walked back into the thick bush.

That was the last I saw of them.


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