Location: Jackadgery, New South Wales 1990 (Grange State Forest)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1990




Hi Dean,



Back in 1990 I went on a camping trip to the Clarence River in New South Wales. We setup camp for the night 100m from the river.

I woke up early about 4 am, and decided to explore area. I went to the river bank while everyone else was asleep.

I walked through a patch of stinging nettle in shorts and no foot wear, for about 3m and it hurt. I then reached the water and soaked my painful feet. I was startled by this sound of something big over the other side of the river.

 I froze as I watched this creature taller than me about 7 1/2 foot, it was covered in long matted hair like human hair but facial features that of a gorilla. After it looked at me, it then ran back into the bush.

As I watched this thing as it run, a log 8'' thick flung up from its feet. 

I watched the thing for about 2 minutes. I must say I cannot explain what I saw in any other way other than this was a yowie.

Judging from what I saw I would say it may be a very gentile creature in the wild but I certainly don’t want to corner one.


 L. McCandless





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