Location: Jackadgery, NSW

Event: Sighting

Date: 2013

Time: 10:30pm

(Female witness.)



It was 10:30pm a Thursday, right at the end of February.  Relevantly, we’d had 3 months of really heavy rainfall, above average. We’d had 2 floods in 5 weeks, and this day we’d had an afternoon thunderstorm followed by 6 hours of just steady, non-stop rain. It’s a really dark night, no moon, no stars. A miserable night, the ground was so saturated. There’s a bridge on our road and I was really worried it would go under and I wouldn’t get home.


My daughter was 15 and she was working after school, I had gone in and picked her up and we turned into the road we live in, and I said to my daughter put your phone down and watch out for kangaroos.  She did, and it finally stopped raining. 200mtrs down the road, is a right-hand corner. We are approaching the corner; the headlights are going straight ahead into the paddock.


Just to the left there’s a clump of bushes with a couple of trees and it looked like what I thought was a man wearing a brown hoodie. Came out of the bushes, and he’s sort of striding along the fence line. I said to my daughter ‘Who’s that in the paddock?’. It was a dark wet night; I didn’t expect to see anyone running around the paddock. So we’re trying to look and I’m trying to dodge potholes and I started going around the corner, and as I’m turning the corner, this…I’m thinking it’s a man, he had gone behind this little skinny tree, and he’s come out the other side but he stopped. And I don’t know why but I just stopped the car, and the lights had sort of swept past him, but they were just throwing out enough light that you could make out this black shape of a man. And it looked like he’d turned his back to us. I was thinking this guy’s probably trying to steal out of our sheds. So I’m not impressed. He was sort of doing this weird shuffling around in one spot under the tree. It didn’t look like a normal reaction from a person. If it was a thief, all he would have had to do was crouch down and we would have driven past and not seen him. Or if it was a local they would have given you a wave.


I said, ‘What’s he doing?’. It didn’t look right, it looked off. My daughter’s not saying anything and I’m just staring at him, and then you see him turn on his side and started going back the way he’d come from. He’s gone behind the tree and came out the other side and I just threw the car in reverse and got my headlights right on him. Its on the other side of the tree now and its stopped. Its not a man, I don’t know what I’m looking at. Its not completely side on to us its sort of at a slight angle towards us, its just standing there totally motionless, not moving a muscle looking straight ahead. All I could think is ‘What is this? Is it a man?’.


We’re still just staring at it and my daughter still hasn’t said anything. It stood there for ages just staring straight ahead, and then it very slowly, millimetre by millimetre started lifting its head up looking straight up above it into the sky. It did that for about 10 or 15 seconds, but it seemed like forever at the time. Then it really slowly bought its head back down until it was staring straight ahead again. When it raised and lowered its head, the headlights caught its eyes and they just started glowing. But when it was looking straight ahead and straight up at the sky, there were no glasses or goggles or anything. Its eyes were just normal. My daughter swears the eyes were green. I saw them as a yellowy green. They definitely weren’t red. That just freaked me out and haunted me for a long time.


Not much hair around its eyes and across its nose and cheeks and under its eyes. Like a young orangutan and maybe a bit leathery looking under its eyes. Skin was a bony beige sort of colour. Not much different from the hair. There wasn’t a definite hair line, it just went thinner and sparser. Couldn’t see skin on the chest, all I could see was hair. Hair wasn’t shaggy, it was quite flat, not groomed but not frizzy. Sort of like how a dog’s coat lies flat. It was maybe 2 inches long.


I wasn’t scared, I just froze. So I’m trying to process what I’m looking at. Then it started turning towards us, we’re right in front of it, and it’s staring straight at us and its eyes are just glowing, these huge glowing eyes. I was thinking, what is that? and I froze. We might have been staring at it for a minute, it felt like forever. My daughter very quietly said, ‘What are we looking at?’. I snapped out of it and that’s when I realised that I was terrified and thought we’ve got to get out of here and I started driving and I said to my daughter, ‘I think we just saw Bigfoot’, and she said ‘that’s what I thought it was’.

I couldn’t tell if it was male or female, I couldn’t see any mammary glands or anything. I just thought it was a man mainly because it was big and it was really striding when we first saw it. Did not see its hands or groin. I didn’t have time to study it enough.


I saw its face; it didn’t look threatening or wasn’t making any threatening gestures at all. Didn’t show teeth or anything aggressive. Didn’t look like it was trying to make noises at us or anything.

I’m trying to run away for our lives, and the road’s in such a bad condition I can only do about 20 kilometres an hour. I’m thinking this thing’s going to jump out in front of us and start smashing windows and ripping doors off. I’m trying to be calm but I’m really freaking out.


When I said to my daughter I first thought it was a man in a hoodie, she said ‘Why couldn’t you see all the hair on it?’. She was 15, I was 56, her eyes are better than mine and I was trying to dodge potholes.


It was covered in hair, it doesn’t look like anything, it’s not a man it’s not a gorilla or an ape. It had a nose but it wasn’t prominent like most peoples. It was flatter than a normal persons. I can’t remember seeing lips. It had a mouth line but I don’t remember actual lips. And I don’t remember seeing ears, but that could have been under the hair. The hair was a lighter brown, sort of a tanny-red tinge. Even thought it had stopped raining seconds before we saw it, it didn’t look wet. Couldn’t see any water dripping on it at all. So it’s got some really good waterproof fur, or hair.


I tried to pace out from where we saw it to where we would have been sitting in the car. I think it was roughly about 12-14 metres in front of us. My daughter thought it would have been at least 7 foot tall. I thought maybe 6 and a half to 7 foot. If it helps, the top wire on the fence is about chest height on me, and the top wire on this thing I’d say would have been the lower hips. Arms were by its side, but it just looked really big and strong. Something you wouldn’t want to reckon with. I had nightmares for about 3 weeks. I couldn’t get it out of my head.


About 18 months after we saw this thing, I saw a show on TV about Bigfoot and there was a man in America who they’d interviewed on this show. He claims he shot and injured a Bigfoot and shot and killed a juvenile Bigfoot. They sat him down with an FBI sketch artist who drew what he described he shot. I called my daughter out to come and watch the show. What the sketch artist drew, my daughter and I both agreed was nearly exactly the same as what we saw. The only difference I could pick up on in the sketch is they had some creases across the nose. The one we saw didn’t. If I had to label it I would say it was a cross between a cave man and a young orangutan, but there’s no name for it.


Where it was it was too exposed, it wouldn’t live there. Further out you’ve got the Orara river which was in flood. The Mann river that was in flood, the Clarence river. There’s a lot of creeks. We’ve got a lot of valleys that turn into raging flood waters when we get rain like that. I thought maybe it had been cut off by flood waters and was trying to find another way back to where it came from.


I had heard of 3 other sightings in the area several years before hand. 2 sightings were close together. Someone was in a house and she smelt something really disgusting, looked out the window thinking the dogs had dragged something dead up. This creature was drinking out of the water trough for the cows. As she watched it, it stood up and she said she’d never seen anything move so fast. She thought it was about 7 foot tall. A few weeks later someone else was working in the paddock on the property. And this thing walked out of the treeline, walked along in front of the tree line for a short distance then disappeared back into the trees. They think it might have been trying to get to the water again and then it realised they had seen it. All the creeks and people’s dams had dried up and I think it was forced to look for water.


Honestly anything could live out there. Several years back there was a sighting of a Bigfoot with 2 juvenile Bigfoots near Jackadgery on the river. My husband told a timber cutter what I’d seen, he didn’t look at all surprised and he said, ‘I see a lot of strange things out there and I don’t tell anyone what I see’. I think that was acknowledging that there are things out there.


Another sighting before the 2 in the drought, a man was walking his horse on one of the stock routes out the back which is a few kilometres from where I saw this one. This Bigfoot just stepped out onto the track and was walking in front of him, then came to a fence and jumped over it like it was nothing and took off really fast.  


At the time I had lived there for 30 years. I used to walk a lot out on the stock routes, for miles, I wasn’t scared, but now after seeing this thing I just walk on my own property. My son and I used to ride our motor bikes out here, I always felt 100% safe. I’ve spent a lot of time out here alone and at nights, and never had a worry. Even now sometimes I get creeped out for some reason and shut the curtains. We don’t have neighbours nearby, but there is something out there.   


I felt like I should tell someone, even my daughter who didn’t want anyone to know said should we tell someone and I said ‘There’s nobody to tell. No one’s going to believe us, you’re better off just keeping your mouth shut.’ I think a lot of people would feel like that. My daughter didn’t really want to talk about it, she was worried her friends would think she’s crazy.






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