Location: Mooney Mooney Creek, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February 15th 2013

Time: 9.30pm



 Witness John, Ex-Girlfriend, Son and Step Son


Driving South along the F3:

“Right in front of us there was this car in front of us. They would have to have seen it. I mean, like they nearly hit it. When we went around the bend, I put my foot down and we all took turns of screaming at each other, like honestly, everyone in the car was screaming at each other as loudly as they possibly could until we ran out of breath, then we had half breaths until we almost started to cry!


The car in front of us must have really put his foot down because he was only about 10m in front of us before we went around the bend, then he was pretty much gone after that.

I was in the far left lane doing 110km an hour on cruise control.


Josh, my Son said “What’s that”? We all looked at this thing as it ran right to left across the road. It was about 7ft with big shoulders. He was a big F’ker. It was greyish white with dark features. His face was black.

When it ran, it was like it glided across the road. There was no up and downward movement, it just went straight across like it glided. It was like it did the whole 3 lanes in only a few steps.

But the strange thing was it ran to a 30ft cliff wall and pretty much vanished around that as we drove passed. Don’t know how?



Everyone in the car was screaming at it. It scared the Sh*t out of us. For the next 15 minutes the conversation was ‘What the hell was THAT sh*t’?

My Son and myself went out there with cameras during the day after. There are lots of tracks down towards the Dam. It must use those I suppose.



It’s been our main conversation for the last few months now.





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