Location: Morton National Park (West of Nowra), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2015

Time: 10pm



A couple of kilometres from the Sussex Inlet turn off there is a rest stop and we were camped there in my campervan. It was the worst possible conditions you could think of, with the rain pi$$ing down and blowing a gale.


I woke up at about 10pm, and turned my laptop on. That’s when I heard slow methodical scratching down the windows of the van. The inside of the van was illuminated so I couldn’t see outside. Then I could hear bipedal splashing of steps outside the van and I thought no human in their right mind would be out there in this weather. It was bucketing down. Then over a period of 20 minutes the van was rocked and hit. I pulled out my machete and help it up in the light so who/whatever it was could see it in hope to scare them off.  


The scratching down my windows the night before sounded like down a chalk board, it was that loud. No human could do that with their fingers on wet glass.


The splashing, scratching and tapping was only happening on the side where I had the curtains drawn on the side facing the bush. The scratches down the window was on the passenger side door and that had no curtains, so that freaked me out knowing it was looking at me only metres away as its scratching down the window. It was just creepy as all fk.


There was nobody else around. It was the middle of nowhere. It was the worst weather conditions. It was blowing a gale and pi$$ing down. No person in their right mind would have been out in that, not even for a joke. Nobody could make that noise down lubricated glass as loud as that.


I left and came back the next day to look around and there were three trees purposely snapped.


I got out of there and never went back again.





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