Location: Blue Knob, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2005

Time: 5pm, just getting onto dusk.

[Female Witness] 





The location is Blue Knob, which isn’t far from the Nightcap National Park. Basically, I was driving along when I noticed something dark moving ahead on the side of the road. It looked like it was about to come onto the road, but then decided to turn back.


At first I thought it may have been someone dressed up trying to scare someone driving passed, but I wasn’t scared because I felt safe being in my car.


As I got to about 50 metres from it, it was standing next to a tree that was about a similar width. It was completely still just standing there. I slowed down to about 10kmph and at this stage I knew it was no person in a costume. There was no human this tall.


I stopped the car. There were no other cars on the road, so I didn’t have to worry about moving, I just sat there with my foot ready to hit the accelerator if I had to. It’s hard to estimate how long I was there for because as people say, times stands still, but I would think anywhere up to two minutes, just observing. I didn’t pull off the road or to one side, I just pulled up right on the road. Although it was getting on dusk, it was still light and no need to have my headlights on.


It was on the other side of the road only about 6 to 10 metres away. I was basically right next to it.


For the next couple of minutes, it was just observing with continual eye contact the whole time. Although I knew the frame, height and colour etc, but I was looking at his eyes and didn’t take on board each individual body part.


I’m not great with estimates, but it was taller than any human I’ve ever seen. I would say potentially 8ft. Its shoulders and chest weren’t like a bodybuilder like you hear, it was in proportion for an 8ft tall man. Big, but not massive.


He was black. Covered in hair, but less around the face. I wouldn’t say the hair was thick, but it was covered in hair. I didn’t study the whole body to say it was thicker here or there, but I saw it was just covered in hair. Similar to a human with hypertrichosis.


The head had a human’ish type look to it.


I had two young children in the back of the car. Normally when driving, when I saw something interesting such as a horse, I would point it out to my son. When I had stopped and initially made eye contact, one of my first thoughts was to tell my son [5 years old], like “OMG look, what is this”, but it was really weird because I got the sense that it knew I was thinking that or could guess that’s what I was about to do. It had a slight shift of its eyes, not that he looked directly in the back seat, but it was a shift of the eyes, which looking back, made me think that’s what it was thinking.


It was at that second that I felt I had a choice. I could either tell my son so he would look and be a witness, and it would probably run and be gone – or – not say anything and have the opportunity to have it continue to stand there. It was a decision I had to make very quickly.


I made the decision to say nothing, stay still and continue to hold its gaze.


Naturally, I am a sensitive and empathetic type of person. I think I’m good at feeling, and tuning in to others based on their eyes and expression etc. This had one of the loneliest and saddest emotions coming from its eyes. I could almost feel it. I could feel a really deep intense sadness. It seemed so alone and almost telling me that from its eyes.


I wondered for years afterwards why it was out in the open like that. Was it rejected by its family, was it an act of defiance or just in desperation to connect because it didn’t have a family group?


The entire time I was ready to take off in case he came towards me, but seeing the emotion from it, I didn’t feel in danger. I didn’t feel threatened or that it would come near me.


I felt that this [connection] could have gone on and on and on, but it was getting dark and I realised I can’t keep sitting there all night and I had to get going because I didn’t want to be there in the dark. I had been there long enough to know this is real and I understand it, but it’s time to go now and that’s enough for me.


Although I knew it was a mistake, but I went to reach for my phone to take a photo.


I knew there was no way it was going to allow me and it would be gone. I had an old flip phone in my handbag on the floor on the passenger side. I remember trying hold the steering, keep my foot on the pedal and reach for the bag at the same time. I was trying to reach down while trying not to take my eyes off him and thinking this probably wasn’t going to work but I’ll give it a go.


I had to take my eyes off him because I couldn’t feel my phone in my bag and had to look down. I grabbed my phone, looked back and he was gone.


I started driving, and when I got to about 5 to 10km’s away, I had to pull over to process what had just happened.


I’m not exactly sure where it happened, but it was somewhere on the Blue Knob – Kyogle Road.


It probably took me a few years before I had the head space to really process it. I think it was more human like. If it had of been something like an escaped Gorilla from a zoo or alike, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal for me. At least I could then make sense of it, but the fact that it seemed so human-like and the height of it, just shocked me.


It wasn’t an expression on it’s face that projected the sadness, it was more supernatural. The eye contact was so intense that I felt that it could have been a mechanism it was using to stop me from really examining everything.


They eyes were black or dark brown, I’m not sure. I don’t remember if it had any whites in the eyes. The eye size compared to the face was in proportion, similar to ours.


The other thing that struck me was when it was standing beside the tree, was it’s stature and how straight it was standing. It’s back was really straight, everything was straight, there was no hunching or anything. Arms and legs were also straight. It looked like it was trying to be a tree.


But when I first saw it and was moving, it seemed more hunched.







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