Location: Colo Heights, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2006

Time: 11pm



We were heading from Colo towards Singleton with my Husband (who was driving), my Sister and two Sons.


We were driving down the road and came around a bend. It was on the driver’s side of the road walking to the other side. It was on two legs and completely covered in grey hair. It ran to the side of the road behind a tree, and then looked out from behind the tree.


As we came closer, and were about to go past it, it looked out again at us and we got a pretty good look at it.

It didn’t seem that much taller than me. It was definitely on two legs. It was definitely covered in grey silvery hair, there was no mistaking that. It walked from one side to the other and was a little bit slumped over. The legs looked a bit like an apes and you could see a muscle structure.


When it looked at us you could see the really big eyes, and you could see the nose and mouth. It wasn’t like any animal face I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t like any Humans either. A cross between a Gorillas and a Humans face, I suppose. The eyes were bigger than Humans and when the car lights were in it, they were a yellow colour, like a cat.


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