Location: Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1995

Time: Night




On a Friday night, myself and a group of my friends used to hang out until late and then go home. On one particular night we were walking through the edge of the South-East Plaza carpark, which we had to walk through to get back to the mission and we all saw a Hairyman drop of a tree about 20-30m in front of us.


It was on the edge of the carpark. If you look on Google Maps, there is actually a Caltex Petrol Station there now.


Back then there was a 7 to 10ft high wire fence and we would walk along a track beside the fence which would bring us out almost opposite the mission. We saw this massive black figure drop out of a tree and we just froze. We basically just sh*t ourselves and didn’t know what to do. We then started running towards the Highway away from it.


It landed from a pretty decent height, but when it landed, it didn’t bend at the knees. It just landed and stood there. It definitely wasn’t a man. It was too big. It was too built. It was huge. It was a really solid build, especially around the shoulders. The width of the shoulders would have been about the same size as two men standing shoulder to shoulder. It was pretty wide. It wasn’t too much shorter than the fence. It didn’t have much of a neck.


There was a big group of us and we all saw it. We told everybody about it later. We had heard a lot of stories about them when we were younger. It used to be a swamp there before and my Uncle used to tell us not to walk around there at night because they are still around.


20+ years later and we still talk about it.






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