Location: Crescent Head (between Crescent Head and Pt Macquarie), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1930

Time: 4pm

Witness: Melba Cullen




I was 12 years old then. I’m 83 now.


I was walking up to pick flowers to put in the vase at home when I lived on the Maria River, about 10 miles from Crescent Head and 10 miles or more from Pt Macquarie.

I walked up into the bush that afternoon. I loved to pick wild flowers.


I got nearly to where I was going to and I saw this big thing standing behind a stump. It had its head around the side of the stump. It was as tall as a man but it didn’t have much of a neck. It was sort of like an ape or something.


It stood up real straight. Had hair all over it, on its arms and all that, like monkeys do. It seemed to be watching me, so I took off back to the house and told Mum. She said it was probably a Kangaroo and I said, no it was not a Kangaroo, it was 6ft high and looked like a man. They never believed me.


I could it all, right to its feet. I got a good look. The hair was greyish. Thick hair. Not a man’s face, more like an ape and had long hairy arms. Pretty solid.

I had it in view for 5 minutes.


Its head looked like it was sitting on it’s shoulders.


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