Location: Cudgen, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March, 2008




Sighting One: I was looking straight out at a space down behind the badly beaten pine tree 10m or so from the fence and just as I grabbed the fence up jumped a big charcoal coloured, hair-covered body out of the grass from inside the 10m distance, the left shoulder was down and head down, must have been still hunched forward because in the split second I had it in view it's height was not clear being that it was so bent forward on a downward slop, the hair on his back is in small dread locks and back of shoulder, but long fine hair along back of elbow. (there was no odour)

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a better look... not to worry I have a feeling it's early days yet.

It's interesting that it never looked back at me, just leaned forward and went crashing it's way downward at a steady running speed into the gully and over-growth, out of sight, the foot landing stopped for a short moment so I waited and watched at the crushed fence. The family dog joined me at this point, he stood behind me with ears switching from down to pricked and the hair on the back of his neck was standing on end but he made no attempt to follow and for the next minute we could still hear it walking, crossed to my left and it then continued down and away. Then a musky odour drifted up wind from the gully.


Sighting Two:

There he was,.. the yowie had parked himself to the left of my position down beneath me about 30 meters or so at most, into a small grassy patch and knees up holding some long sticks in his right hand looking towards the tree with the birds in it, he rested both arms over his knees one out stretched and the one holding the sticks was turned into himself, right elbow on right knee, so I can only see one hand, it's strong and muscular, fingers are long but very full too and there are short claw fingernails, plain as day.

The hair along his lower leg is mattered and shorter than the thigh hair I couldn't see under his mouth but he has hair running down behind his eye in front of his ear down into the middle cheek line and back law line.. the hair on the forearm from across the wrist is twisted and mattered and tapers off towards the inner arm bend., and it's long at the back of the elbow and under the shoulder area, no hair on face or if there is it must be very fine around nose and cheek.. His skin looks darkest brown, brow line overhangs and his eyes are tucked in under in shadow.

Nose slops down a little then folds back upwards in the nostrils, his thigh is a lot longer than below his knee.

Coat is charcoal black in colour I can see insects under the arm that is resting on his knee, could be tiny moths or something. His face is full and is set up directly over his chest area and hair covered also. The feet look to be like a man's foot but wider and a higher bridge there is hair tapering along the front and is full of burs and muck.

I waited for my heart rate to go down a little then I very slowly put my
camera back up to take a shot but the second the sound of the camera turned
on he moved out of view I squatted along to my right a little more to try
and find him, I could hear the twigs and things snapping under his weight
but not moving away just along somewhere

[Let it be noted every pore in my skin has opened up at this stage and there
sweat just raining out of my hair and down my back]

I sat for a long time watching till the sun was well over my shoulder must
have been about 2.pm and heard nothing more.






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