Location: Woodenbong, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 1998






It was just on daybreak and I was heading south along Mt. Lindsey Hwy near Woondenbong, possibly along the Donaldson State Forest.


I came around the corner and there was something on the other side of the road. It looked like it had looked like it had just crossed the road and was heading into the bush which was up a bit of an embankment.


It stopped and probably heard me stop and looked over its shoulder and looked to see what I was doing.


I guess if I were to say it looked like anything, I would say it looked like a Chimpanzee. It wasn’t really big, it was dark brown or black in colour. It was about the height of the road guide post, not very big.


It was hunched over a bit and when it decided to take off, it took off in a hell of a hurry. It used arms, legs and everything to make its way up the bank and it was gone.


It was standing on two legs but wasn’t bolt upright, it was learning forward or hunched over. One arm was down and its head and shoulders was towards me.


Once it started moving it was gone.


Not that I’m an expert on Chimps, but it looked like a Chimp, yet not. Didn’t quite fit the picture? But that’s the closest description of it.



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