Location: Woodford, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1999



Dad and I were driving to our property in Cowra. It was about 4am, and we were driving between Woodford and Hazelwood on the Great Western Highway.

We were in a 60km zone at the Sydney end of Woodford. In the headlights, I saw this person running on the side of the highway heading towards us. The road was sloping down toward us. It looked like they may be in trouble, as they kept looking back over their shoulder.

We moved the car across the lane to get closer, in case we could help.


All of a sudden, we realized it wasn't a person, it was a lot taller than 6 feet, had shoulders straight out from its body, and long arms down to its knees. It was covered in hair, and was loping along, like a human would if they had a sore foot. We stopped the car there was no other traffic on the highway.

We turned on the spotlight. The creature was about 40 metres away. It stopped, like it was almost stunned. We kept moving toward it over the median strip. We turned off the spotlight, and it started running again. It turned down a side street, this was a residential area. We turned and followed it.


It kept running, stopped, turned and looked at us each time we turned the spotlight on, and then carried on running when we turned it off. It was running down the middle of the road, but kept moving left and right like it was disoriented.


Once it could see the bush at the end of the street, it ran straight for it. It went into the trees on the left hand side of the road. We put the spotlight onto the bush, and we could see the tops of the trees moving and swaying around.


Three days later on our way back, we stopped and had a look in the bush. There were trees snapped through about 1metre to 1200mm above the ground. They were not at the edge of the bush, but as you went deeper in.


I would say it was about 8 feet tall, imagine a grown cow standing on its hind legs. The hands were almost to the knees. It was slender like an adult male, except the shoulders were massive with really long arms. No hips or anything. The hair was a reddish-brown colour, matted and dirty, similar to a wild goat.


I remember a strong jaw line, normal nose. I don't think there was any hair on the face. The face was like a boxer's; it had been belted around a bit. It was like a human head, just a little bit larger. The eyes were way back in the head. It had a short neck, virtually no neck. It was hairy all over. But it had really big feet and hands. I would say it was at least 120 kilos, maybe more.


Other experiences:Dad and I talked about it. He was in the army, and has had other experiences of them.


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