Location: Munmorah State Conservation Park, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2012

Time: 5.30pm



I was riding my push bike through the bush opposite Campbell Drive, because we really hadn’t explored this are before. I was little bit buggered so I stopped the bike for a rest, and I heard some rustling in the bushes that sounded quite large. I thought it was a kangaroo.

As I looked over I saw what looked like a Gorilla at first. It was hunched over and running. It was dark with a roundish head. I heard that all Yowies were supposed to be tall, but this thing was only about 5 to 6ft.

It looked towards me and at that moment it kind of just split! It was at a medium pace as a man would and I could hear all the rustling and snapping of the trees. My first impression was a Gorillory/Apish type of thing. It was hunched over like an old woman.

It ran back into the bush and it was gone.




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