Location: Lake Munmorah, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2006

Time: 5.30pm



We were riding our push bikes because we hadn’t explored the areas before. I stopped because I heard a noise that sounded quite large; I thought it must have been a Kangaroo of something.


As I looked into the distance, well it wasn’t that far away – probably 60m at max, there was a ‘I dunno’, I thought it was a frigging Gorilla at first. Hunched over and almost running.

It was slightly up hill were the bush was more dense.


I heard rustling and expected to see a Kangaroo. I would have thought a Yowie would be tall, but this thing was only about 5’6” or something around that and hunched over. It looked at me and split and I heard it running through the bush.


It was dark, not black, darker brown.

It was a Gorilla-ape sort of thing. You know how an old Woman is sometimes hunched over? Kind of like that.




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