Location: Grays Point, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Feb, 2004

Time: 2am

Witness: M.S.




We normally get a lot of Deer come through our property and along the road from the Royal National Park. On this particular night there was a fair bit of noise in the front yard, and it kept my wife and myself awake. Between 2 and 3am there were Deer coming down the road because we could hear the clip-clop, we got up and looked through the open window, and as the Deer were disappearing up the road I saw something to my right shoot up and go behind a car (Datsun 120Y) that always parked across the street.


We thought this is really weird and as we were looking at the car we could see something dark sticking out the back that looked like legs and at the front we could see something that looked like hands or paws or whatever. So we thought it was either two things or one big thing. And then from there, it shot straight across the road to in front of our next door neighbours block. It was long, black and would have been at least 3 metres long. It was long. It didn’t look all that bulky, it just looked stretched out.


I said to my wife, I’m going down there to see what that was, so I took off out there in my underwear, out into my driveway and looked at the front of my neighbours lot with overhanging trees and I could see this big black mass. It was very wide. Probably 3 – 4ft wide I’d say. I could see shoulder, and a head, a rounded head. I was making a shhh shhh noise to try and get its attention and it slowed down, and it turned around, but I could only see the silhouette and it probably became about 5’6” at that point, still quite broad and I could still see its shoulders and head, and it just let go this most unbelievable blood curdling growl that I could just about feel in my chest, it went through me and scared the absolute hell out of me. I don’t scare easily, but every hair on my body stood up and I just took off straight back up the stairs and I’m yelling ‘get the camera, get the camera’, and the missus is saying ‘why’ and I’m like ‘get the camera! Get the camera!.’ There was a camera on the desk, grabbed that and ran back down with the camera ready to take a picture…..


There was no Deer on the street, there was nothing. It was like nothing happened at all. It was quiet, still, nothing.


We stayed awake all night that night. Any little noise and we were back up and ready out the window. But nothing happened.


That growl was deep and long, like a GRRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..


I’ve lived out in the bush all my life and I’ve never seen anything like that. It was a good 6ft tall. It had a big round domed head and shoulders splade out. When I first saw it, it was probably about 4ft, but when it turned around, it raised up another foot or two. When I first saw it from the window, it looked like it was about 3m long stretched out on all fours type of thing, keeping really low. It was longer than the car, but that was only a 120Y, so probably about 3m or so. I’d turned to my wife and said ‘quick come and look at this’, and when I turned back was then it came out and across the road looking stretched out and keeping very low. It went straight across the road and into a dark space next door. I’m thinking it was on all fours keeping very low.


At the time I was about 105kg, this would have been double that. It was wide and by the size of the head and shoulders it would have been at LEAST, double me. It was moving away from me when I made the SHHH SHH sound, and that’s when it turned around.


The growl was the last thing I was expecting. It made every hair on my body stand up. It was a really low bloody curdling growl. It was like a base speaker. It went right through me. It surprised the hell out of me, and it scared the hell out of my wife that night.



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