Location: Belbora, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting 

Date: 2015

Time: Morning

Witness: D. O.




Myself and my wife have lived on this property for about 17 years.


I went outside when our dog was barking and shone the torch down the driveway and there were two eyes looking back at me and a dark figure. It was a big figure. It seemed bigger than me.


It then ran about 100m or so and I could hear all the twigs snapping, then it picked something up and was hitting wood. It sounded like someone hitting one piece of wood against another piece of wood or a tree or something. It did that for 10 to seconds or so. It gave me a fright. It was really loud. It was hitting it hard.


The next night I went back out with the torch and shone it down there again and there was a dark figure. This time it had its back to me, and it turned about and looked at me and turned away again. I saw its eyes for about 10 seconds.


We then locked the whole house up and left all the outside lights on.

The night after I went out with the shotgun and let some shots off in the air to scare it off. We haven’t seen it since.


I feel a bit silly talking about this. When I ride the bike at night I often get the feeling of being watched.








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