Location: Bellingen, New South Wales (towards Valery).

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1994




I was involved in an environmental impact study and we were taken to an area of bush that was relatively untouched, because many parts of Bellingen is cedar country and plantations.


After we arrived and while the other guys were talking, I wondered off into the bush with another guy behind me to have a look at around. We had only been in there for a couple of minutes and I looked up and there was this thing looking back at me. It was side on to me, but had turned its body a little to look at me. Then within seconds he took off, jumped over a log and was gone into the bush.


It was on a downward slope to me at about 30m away. After it took off, I turned around to the other guy and said ‘Did you see that’, and he said ‘See what?’. So I left it at that….


It was a light reddish brown, it was a neat appearance, not matted. It was shorter than I was. I’m 5’8” and it would have been a foot shorter than me. The head was small and round, the jaw was a little more pronounced than what ours but not sticking out like an apes. It was on the lean side, not muscular, more like a lanky teenager. It was fit, but not big. I couldn’t see its legs because of the grass. Another thing that stuck out to me was the brows, they were more pronounced. The hair on its head came down to the eye brows. It had what I describe as lizard lips – there didn’t appear to be lips, just seemed to end in skin, but maybe that was hair. The hair flowed all over it. It was probably about 80kg.


I looked at it and it looked at me and it had this expression like it had the sh!ts with itself because I saw it. And it had this look about it like as soon as I stopped looking at it, it was going to go. I either looked down or something and it was gone, it took off.


It was definitely more animal, but with a human look. The way it took off with a human style, but it looked kind of more animal. It reminded me of something out of Planet of the Apes, which was the type of cross over impression it gave me at the time. That’s all I had to relate it to.


It had already seen me before I saw it. After it took off, I went up to the log and though for something that size, it got over that quickly. He got over it like it wasn’t there.

I never really spoke much about it.


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