Location: Tucabia, New South Wales (Just East of Grafton)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2013

Time: 3pm




We had lived in the 120 acre farm just on the northern and eastern boundary of the National Park. It was basically bush all the way out to the coast.


First I noticed a large rock missing from the property. It was there the day before and I thought that was strange then didn’t think anything of it. We had wild dogs out there that would howl and you got used to them, but there was one other howl that was just different. It was a deeper, more guttural type of howl. That happened on a regular basis for the three years I lived there and I wrote it off as just dogs. The other thing we used to hear was a lot of knocking. Like heavy knocking. Something knocking against a tree. The knocking was heavy. We would also hear a lot of breaking noises. Breaking branches and breaking trees – all on windless days/nights. And there was sometimes sounds like a new born baby crying out there in the bush. Sometimes the dogs would behave very strangely. They would normally chase and kill small animals, but sometimes they would stand there at attention with their ears up and refuse to go outside.


While I was in Grafton getting a few things, my Wife phoned me and said there’s someone up in the mango paddock. It was a big dark figure walking down the mango paddock towards the house. The only reason she noticed was because one dog was sniffing the air and the other had its ears up and pinning its eyes at it.



It stood at the dam staring down at the House. She said it was big and dark, it’s had big shoulders, seemed not to have a neck from its head to its shoulders. It walked kind of stopped forward.

[In her notes to the AYR she said it was a big black figure, about 6’5ft, wider than a human, too big to be human].


The after she saw it, one day I was up at the mango trees and I heard this big bang, crash, smash through the scrub. I turned to see the black back of something. It loped through the bush.


Putting it all together, plus reading your Report from Centenary Drive, which isn’t far away, I put two and two together. It was a Yowie.


Our neighbours also had many stories. They also heard the new born baby crying in the forest.







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