Location: Tuglow, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July, 1991

Time: After 9-10pm

Witness: Matt





We were on Wilcox’s Range, which is about 1200m, and we were Spotlighting. The neighbouring property is heavily timbered and it’s all a part of the Great Dividing Range. There was about 5 of us. There was just a farm track that runs up this range and it goes up a big open paddock.


We used to drive up to a steep part, and come back down along the fence line to a knoll, park and turn the car off. Then we would sit there and shoot the Roo’s as they came across. There was heavy timber everywhere, but just sparse timber across the paddock.


We were all on the back of the vehicle and Shane was doing most of the shooting. I can’t remember who was holding the light, but it was a big 12” reflective spotlight that shines about a kilometre, or you could shoot up to a kilometre with it. We were shooting Roo’s to the northern side at about 800m away and I was standing beside Shane with one of my riffles.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this thing run diagonally down the hill, and it was quite a big animal that cast a big shadow. It was to our left which was the southern side and it ran diagonally down this hill which there was only a few tree stumps on, and it went over the fence and stood behind this tree. So I said shine the light over here. The tree had either a folk or a branch coming out the side of it, but this thing stood behind the tree and these eyes stared at us between the folk of the tree. [On a return visit to the area we worked out the folk was a similar height to myself, about 6ft-1”]. It was standing upright when it went over the fence.


We had these reflective eyes in the spotlight and they were looking at us horizontal about 2” a part and we could see the outline of this things head behind the tree, and I was saying to Shane, Shoot it, and he said ‘Nah, I can’t shoot it, I don’t know what it is’. He said for me to have a look through my scope, so I did and I could see the outline of the head down to its shoulders. We were all on the back of the Jeep with the spotlight directly on it and it turns to the side, its eyes went vertical and we could see the body. It was a big mass, black or brown and shaped like a big person, it was upright on two legs. He did this several times. His eyes seemed to change to a yellowy green. It looked like he was summing us up. He would stand looking between the folk, then when he looked around the tree his eyes would go vertical. That happened several times.


The nerves were starting to kick in because I’d never seen anything like that before. I said to Shane the best thing is to shoot it, but Shane wouldn’t. He just said ‘Nah, nah, I’m not shooting it’. I said well lets fire a shot at the base of the tree and see what happens, so Shane put a shot into the base of the tree and this thing took off up the hill. At the same time it was running up the hill, its head was turned looking at us. Its eyes turned to a real yellowy glow and I nearly fell off the back of the Jeep in fear. I was shaking like a dog and said Jeeezus, and Shane said ‘That’s it, we’re getting out of here!’


We had a full lit view of it as it ran up the hill. It was running on two legs and taking big strides. I’ve never seen anything go up a hill so fast. It didn’t have a neck, but I don’t know if it was all the hair that gave that impression.


We went back there during the day and parked in the same spot. We went over the fence, which was a task, and stood behind the tree. The hill it went up was covered in rocks and logs, so it was pretty agile at speed.


We’d spent a lot of time out there shooting and never seen anything like that before. We were watching it for a good 15 minutes. I was completely fixed on these eyes, they sent a chill up my spine. I was like, Sh*t, what the hell is that. Shane was like ‘That’s it, I’m going home’. Big brave hunters!


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