Location: Torrington, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2013

Time: Morning



The area is high in Gem Stones, so we used to go camping there and have a look around.



I’ve had two encounters there, the first wasn’t a sighting, it was at night with something walking around the car. I had the blanked over my head, so I didn’t see anything but the smell was really off.



The next morning we went for a 3km hike looking for different areas we haven’t been to before. We got about 200m from a cliff face and I saw something move between two tress. It looked fairly tall, it was black, it was on two legs standing up and it had one hand up on a tree and it then pushed itself from one tree to the other and disappeared into the bush.


My friend and his wife walked towards it and when we got to the trees and all the hair stood up on the back of the neck and we said what is that smell. The smell was really bad. My friend had a bit of fear, so we decided to walk back to camp which was about 3kms and the smell followed us all the way until we got back to the clearing where the camp was.





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