Location: Tenterfield (area), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2012

Time: Night





[New England Highway – South of Tenterfield]


I’m not sure what else I can tell you other than what was in my Report. We basically just drove passed this thing and got out of there.


We were driving to Melbourne. Four of us in the car – three in the front. It was just the three of us in the front that saw it. She wake up when we all started on about it.


We were coming around the bend, and it was standing in the lane on the right. Behind it on the side of the road was an embankment. It kind of lurched towards the car as we came around the corner. It was really scary. It put its arms up.


It was very tall, black, had wide broad shoulders and no neck. It had no definable neck. It was huge. It was big, like really really big. We were in a van, so that was pretty high off the ground and it would have been about the same height. I’m 5’11” and it was taller than me and about 3 times my width. It was huge.


We wouldn’t stop. We were freaked out. It was maybe something between and human and animal. It’s the first time I’ve been confronted with something I can’t explain.


We must have surprised it as much as we were surprised.

That’s about all I can tell you.


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