Location: Tenterfield, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 1990

Time: 10am





I’m 42 now, this happened when I was about 13 or 14, so about 1990.


I had a pretty fast bike back then and there was a bike track out towards Mt McKenzie. It was about 9 or 10 O’clock and in the winter. Over the creek and about 500m into the bush there was a motor cross track and a bit further in was a bigger track.


I was going along a track on my way in and I heard something in the bush on the other side of the creek. It looked over and it would have to have been 10 or 11ft tall. It looked like ghillie suit that the military wear, but there was a lot of white hair in there too.


I’m going along and its jumping over trees and logs and keeping up with me, so I’m going faster and faster weaving in and out of things absolutely S*’ing myself, and I got to a figure 8 track and there was another track a bit further we had made, but I pretended I was going around this track, then I went another 1km into the bush and made may way back around and lost it.


When I first heard it, I just thought it was a kangaroo or something and when I looked over, here it was chasing me. I was doing about 60kmph on this bike and it was keeping up with me or even getting in front. It didn’t matter what was in its way even if it was big rocks, it just jumped over everything. The side I was on was fairly open, but on that side of the creek it was scrubby. A normal person, no way in the world could they get through that. I was going pretty fast dodging and ducking under tree branches and it kept up for nearly a minute and a half. It scared the crap out of me.


It was using its arms like a gorilla running. As it was running and jumping over broken trees, it was using its arms as it was moving forward.


It was 10/11ft tall, very hair, it had huge arms, built like a gorilla but 10ft bloody tall – that’s tall. Some of these trees branches on the ground were over 4ft high and it was leaping over them like they were nothing.


It had a lot of grey in its hair, like the colour of a paperbark trees. It looked like it had a lot of age to it. I had a side on view, so I didn’t get to see its face. It was hair from the face down. The shoulders would have been 4ft across and the arms looked like a bodybuilder but hairy. The hair was like a shagpile carpet, but long. The arms were long. It was crouched over or leaning forward and used its arms and hands to grab onto things to propel itself.


Just as I was getting to the track I was really starting to get worried, and I had to work out which was my safest way out of here.


I only told my Dad. 






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