Location: Bowen Mountain, New South Wales

Event: No Sighting. Audio Only.

Date: 6th August, 2016

Time: 11.30am



Never saw a thing but heard a lot over about half an hour.

Around 1130 my partner Gary who was sitting outside on our back porch, listening to music and having a few beers, poked his head in the back door. I asked him if he was ok because he was white as a ghost. He said I should come outside and listen to the noises he was hearing.

So I went out. After about a minute of listening to dogs from backyards up the trail barking raucously, I heard the first noises. It sounded like a deep throaty and very loud WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP coming from a trail just beyond our bush block from the north. Almost immediately there was an answer from the south - I estimate the makers were about 1km apart. This answering noise was a long shrill cat sound with a whoop on the end. As the noise from the north got closer to us, the answering noise began to sound almost like a woman screaming. This back and forth calls continued at differing intervals for about 20 minutes. The deeper whooping creature seemed to get closer.

All this time the dogs from neighboring properties were still barking and crying.

Suddenly the bush went very quiet and the dogs fell silent as a deep low frequency hum filled the bush all around us. This lasted for about a minute and during this time we felt like we couldn't speak and we were covered in goosebumps; our hairs on our arms standing on end. We were just staring at each other, thinking WTF was that...

Once the hum faded away (about a minute I think) the whoop whooping started again and it had moved past our location and the answering call was further from the south as if they'd used the hum to quiet the bush and dogs down so they could get away from all the noise they'd roused up with their passing. At least that's what we talked about late into the night as we discussed our experience.

Gary also told me that 15 -20 mins before he called me out, he was packing up his stuff and had a sudden yet very strong feeling of being watched. He heard some leaf rustle and then branches seemed to fall on our shed roof- in sight of the house. He grabbed the torch- which is very high powered and swept it across the yard. The back yard is terraced downwards into the bush and so from his angle he could see no movement but did hear something moving away. Not long after that he said the whoop whoop whoop started up from the north but up one more ridge away. (Not that far from us really though). He listened to it and then the answering call for a bit before he came and got me.

Very strangely, the next day we asked our Neighbour if she'd heard anything and she hadn't but she had been losing chickens and had lost another that night. Her backyard can only be approached from either up rocks and boulders from the bush or from our place. Her place is heavily fenced. We went down to her back gate and there was what looked like a large footprint- bigger than Gary who is a size 10- that had slipped in the mud at the gate. It also looked like another slipped footprint at the edge of rocks approaching the gate.

We all wondered though... Can yowies open gates? My dad seems to think its a piece of cake for them...

Something is definitely happening here... Not sure if I should be excited or scared!








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