Location: Mt. Lindesay, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1972

Time: 6-7pm



This occurred on the old Mt. Lindesay Hwy in 1972 on the Bonalbo side while we were heading North back to Queensland.


We used to have to pull off the road to let the trucks come past because it was a very narrow Highway. There was my husband, my brother and myself and we had pulled over to let a truck bye that was coming towards us and just as we went to take off after he was gone, we put the high beam back on and here’s these three hairy things running across the road in front of us.


One was a huge male. He would had to have been 7 – 8ft tall. Then I’d say there was the female following and she was a bit shorter, and then there was the baby. They were all the colour of an Orana tan. I didn’t see their faces, it was just a side on view. They were running. I think the trucks air brakes may have frightened them because he was going downhill and we were going uphill. They crossed from the left of the road to the right and the baby was at the back – not in the middle. There was a bit of a gap between them. He (large male), only took a couple of strides to get across and she was about 2 seconds behind him, and the baby about 2 seconds behind her.



They all had arms down past the knees. He was pretty solid, so was she, but the younger one was only about my size. I’m only about 8 or 9 stone (50-55) kg. He (large male) would have been 15 – 16 stone (100 – 110kg), or even bigger. He could have been 20 stone. He was big.


The hair was matted, like they’ve been living in the wild and never groomed their hair and they were hunched over with no necks. Like how a Gorilla’s head is forward when it’s walking on all fours, their heads were like that when they were running. They didn’t have a neck. It was like their heads were sitting on their shoulders.


I said to my husband “What the bloody hell’s THAT!.” He said “It’s Yowies.” I said “What?” I’d never heard of them. I was very socked. They crossed right in front of us about 20ft away. It was like they weren’t even afraid of us. Maybe they didn’t see us, but you’d think they would have.


Their arms were down by their sides. They weren’t swinging.


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