Location: Jiggi, New South wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2003




Hi Dean,


Where we saw this small chap was open cow pasture with sparse trees, but it’s not far away from thick bush, rocks and mountainous hills and valleys.


My daughter and I had taken our horses and rid for miles. We had ridden up a really steep part, that only someone crazy would do. Then at the top we were just walking along when the horses put their heads up and we looked in the direction they were looking and my daughter said, Mom look! It’s a Hairyman! And it was, and he was really close – only about 20 metres away.


The horses didn’t panic, but this little fella zig-zagged in front of us running 30-40 metres from one side to the other. 4 to 5 times he zig-zagged in front of us, then he went into a very small grove of stringybark trees. His hair was a similar redish colour. I said to my daughter ‘Let’s go and see if he’s still there’. This little patch of stringybarks was only about 5 metres square – NOTHING! He wasn’t there. Gone. We couldn’t believe it. He vanished. It was a clear area of pasture land and he had nowhere to go other than this small area of stringybark trees.


We were pretty bold. We weren’t afraid of him and I wanted to have another look at him, so we rode over there and he’s just vanished. I can’t explain it. He couldn’t hide in there. He had nowhere to hide. It was only a small patch of stringybarks and not that big. He just vanished. I can’t explain it.


He was out in the pasture all on his own, then he zig-zagged to the right, to the left, to the right, to the left and maybe one more time, and then he ran into the stringybarks. I felt like he wanted us to see him because he could have just ran off, but instead he ran in front of us. It is something I’ll never forget.



I’ve been on your Website and this little hairyman is nothing like the Yowies. He was erect, and I said to my daughter that he runs like Cathy Freedman. He was athletic. He had rhythmic strides and the way he swung his arms, perfectly balances and he ran beautifully. He didn’t run as fast as he could have. It was rhythmic and beautiful to watch. I think he wanted us to see him. He must have. Why didn’t he just run down the hill into the lantana? He didn’t, he zig-zagged in front of us.


The little patch of stringybarks was tiny. It was the size of a lounge room. It was just a little patch the field the farmer didn’t cut down. They weren’t big trees, only about 20cm thick – just saplings. But he was gone.


He was only about 4’10” or 5ft at the most. He was only slightly built. I would compare him with a grade 5 student with a very small bone structure. A petite structure with small bones. The first thing that struck me was I couldn’t see his nose sticking out. He had a normal neck. His shoulders weren’t wide. He had a lean slim body. His hair was a deep red colour and about 2cm long. He was hairy all over. He ran like a balanced athlete. He was running about the speed you would expect in a 400m race. He didn’t seem afraid of us, I think he was more like showing himself to us.


I’m very open minded. I had heard about Yowies, but never about little hairymen. We were just like, WOW, we were so lucky to see this. I wasn’t afraid and the horses were afraid, not at all. He didn’t make one noise, no smell. Horses are easily spooked, but they walked straight up to the Stringybark, they weren’t afraid.



When he was running, he was going 40m then turn, 40m then turn etc… He did this right in front of us when he could have ran anywhere.


We had a neighbour who lived about 1km away and we told him. He said that he had seen it also. Without me telling him what it looked like, he gave us the exact same description of what we had seen. He said the dog was barking one night (and he had food missing from his fridge in his workshop), so he went out and saw this little hairyman. He mentioned it to his old neighbour and he said that he had seen it too, he had also seen the little hairyman hanging around.






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