Location: Karuah River, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1977

Time: 12pm



Hi Dean,

When I was a 14 year old me and a pal went for a fishing trip past the swamp at Boral. It was a treacherous journey through knee high mud to get to a great bream hole we knew of about 3kms from the nearest house up a very hard to see creek from the river due to overhanging branches, we were told not to go up there because of a creature known by the old locals as the Boral Beast.

It is a supposed water monster that led to the disappearance of a boatie in the early 30s or 40s.

Any way we finally reached the spot and could see numerous large bream darting about from bank to bank ,casted our rods when suddenly a huge scream emanated from the surrounding scrub, it was the most terrifying noise i have ever heard sort of like an animalistic woman but deep and loud.

I tell you I was ready to dive in and swim to the other side of the creek when I
heard it again followed by something huge and heavy running through the scrub parting the bushes when it ran with a ominous thump thump like 2 feet ,it was different louder and deeper to a boar scream which I have heard before .

We still talk about that day when we were lads.








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