Location: Circa (near Jenolan Caves), New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: Summer, 1990


Time: 10 am.








McKeons Creek runs through a gorge to the east of Edith Road, just outside Kanangra Boyd National Park. Luke Simon, then 26 years old, was quite familiar with the area.


On the morning in question, he “decided to go hunting for a couple of rabbits, and  … walked down and saw a movement out of the corner of my eye … downhill, to my right, a good hundred metres away. It’s native bush, a lot of fallen trees, difficult to walk through, but I did have a clear line of sight.


“At first I thought it was a deer, because it was big, but when I took a closer look … I thought, ‘That’s not right!’ It was humanoid … like a giant man in a giant ape suit … no discernable neck … I didn’t see its face, only its back as it was going off through the scrub.


I brought the rifle up – just instinct - and actually took a shot at it. But that didn’t have any effect whatsoever – it just kept going. I was in such a state … open sights … I probably missed.


“I’m six foot two; this was at least two metres tall – like nothing I’ve seen before in my life – not even a gorilla. I’m 110 kilos. If I could make a stab, [it would have weighed] as much as a horse. From shoulder to shoulder it would have been four feet, and the head … was very big.  It was huge – it could easily take me apart.


Quite long hair [all over the body] like a matted dog. Dark brown. I saw its arms: long, very thick, about the same [relative length] as a human’s; I didn’t see any swinging motion. The only thing that struck me as being different was its neck: it didn’t appear to have a neck, as such. It walked like a man.


“The smell of it – that’s what struck me almost immediately, was the stench: it stunk really badly. Like a dead animal, very strong, pungent.”


Thoroughly rattled, Luke returned hurriedly to Edith Road and drove away.




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