Location: Brown Mountain, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1990

Time: 11pm





I’ve seen all types of animals both during the day and at night time. On this night it was full moonlight.


My brother had broken down in his car and pulled over to the side of the road on top of Brown Mountain. My brother went for some help and came back with a man and said they would both go into town and come back in the morning. They left us with some oranges and we were going to stay the night in the car. We had firearms at the time, which were all perfectly legal.


During the night I looked out the front window and saw what I did. I was speechless. I couldn’t even speak to my mate. All I wanted to do was slide down below the dashboard. It was standing about 15 feet away.


He was standing there, still, but moving from side to side. It was a good 5 ½ feet tall. It was standing there swaying and very slowly turned and walked away, after it had finished looking at us.


It had black hair and really well built, wide across the shoulders and a face like a Gorilla. It had black skin on its face. I would have been watching it standing there looking at us for about 15 minutes before it went away. It was a bright moonlit night.


We had weapons in the car, but I couldn’t do a thing. There was nothing I could do. I was trying to sleep at the time and looked up and Oh my God.


His arms were a little longer than ours. It wasn’t human because of the build of it. I’ll never ever forget it. I couldn’t move. I stayed awake for the rest of the night and nothing else happened. The next morning we had a look around but couldn’t find anything.


It had a face like off The Planet of the Apes. The face was more ape than Human.





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