Location: Bucca, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March, 2017

Time: 7pm




We were walking the dogs along a strip of land near our house. On one side there was a line of trees on a decline and a paddock that leads to a main road and the other side is a creek. We got to the end of the paddock, we suddenly turned around and started walking back.


Then we saw this “thing”. My partner looked at me, then at it as it started running down the paddock. She was trying to work out what this thing is and I said ‘Bigfoot’. She was ‘Seriously, what is it?’


It was running on a 45 degree angle past us and was actually getting closer because it was running to a group of trees which was nearby. As it got closer we had a better look at it. It was really thick and wide. It was running like Usain Bolt, it was going. As soon as it hit a couple of trees it disappeared. It looked like Bigfoot.



It was getting dark, my partner freaked out and went inside. I stayed outside looking at the tree it ran behind. These trees were planted in a line. It could have made its way back to the bush, but it just about disappeared into thin air. As soon as it hit the trees it was gone. I was waiting for it to appear from the other side of the trees so I could see it better, but it wasn’t there.


It was thick and wide. It had big arms and was a light brown. It wasn’t an animal. It was running upright. It came running down this hill at a hundred miles an hour. It had thick arms and shoulders. You could see the hair. At one point I thought someone was playing a joke on us, but how could someone run so fast in a suit. I waited around till after dark but didn’t see anything else.

We went to bed that night and were woken by a noise of something yelling out. It sounded like a yerp… yerrrrrp…yerrrrp… noise. It was really loud like it was right in our backyard. I have trained dogs in a compound and they were on the fence pointing in the direction of the noise and giving the ‘There’s someone there’ bark, pointing down towards the creek. They had a vicious bark which was strange. It was a full moon, so it was fairly bright but I couldn’t see anything. It was like there was someone down in the creek.



We went back to sleep and it was only a matter of an hour later and the same thing again. The yelling, the dogs barking…. We didn’t get much sleep that night. It was a noise I couldn’t identify. There was something down in the creek.



I think that when we were out walking and suddenly turned around and saw it, it was thinking we were going one way and didn’t expect us to come back. When it went behind the tree, I stood there watching the tree for half an hour. I didn’t see anything, but they were quite big trees. When I went up there the next day, there seemed to be an impression of a footprint on the other side facing towards where I was.



It was bigger than me. I’m 6ft and it was taller than me and so thick. Too thick for a human, it was huge. It was probably a few feet taller than me. It made me look like a Chihuahua. It was thick, wide and hairy. Long clumpy hair like it was un brushed. The shoulders were about a metres and a half wide. It was out of proportion.



It was fast, like it was running for its life. I was trying to convince myself it wasn’t a Bigfoot, but it was a Bigfoot….






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