Location: Brooklyn, New South Wales
Event: Group Yowie Encounter
Date: 1984


I would of been between 10-11 years of age when I saw the Apeman. Though I remember it like yesterday.

We were visiting our Nan and Pop at their house on the waterfront of the Hawkesbury River.

At the back of the property, the back yard went on up a very steep hill. It was bushland back then. I am not sure what it is like today. This was in the mid 80's.

There was lots of rocks and caves in the area, one in particular the locals called the 40ft rock, which you could walk in to  explore. Pop had an oyster farm there on the waterfront and so the backyard was always abound with empty oyster shells. For a kid, it was a real adventure. I remember I would search the shells hoping to find a pearl. They also had a chicken coop and several small dogs.

We were at the back of our Nan and Pops house, all three of us on this particular day, me and my two brothers who were about 8 and 9 years old. It was the middle of the day, in broad daylight. Our parents remained in the house with our Nan and Pop talking and having coffee when we set off an our adventure. We were going bushwalking.

We began exploring and hadn't ventured far from the house when we encountered this apeman looking being.

We were on a track between the house and the garage. More towards the garage which was situated a short distance to the right of the house. He stood there on the track, right before us and only metres away.

He was very tall, at least 8ft and very heavy set. He had black hair all over his body, the facial features resembling a half ape/half man. You know how an apes nose kind of cover the majority of their face?, well this beings nose was more defined, still very wide - but remarkably similar to that of a man. He stood upright on two legs and stared at us, dumbfounded. His eyes were also like that of a man, they way they looked at us. I remember the whites of them so clearly.

He just stared at us, barely moving. He was very muscular, he had thick arms and long thick legs, all covered in black hair.

At first I thought it was someone playing a joke, dressed in a costume. But I was close enough to see it was no joke, this was a real animal. I can remember the detail of his features so clearly, especially those eyes.

He was silent. We stood there frozen in fear, the three of us speechless. He looked just as shocked to see us as we were him. It was very frightening not knowing whether he was going to attack or chase us. But he didn't. He just stared at us.

 This went on for appox 15-30 seconds before we turned and ran for the house back to the safety of our parents. It was scary. We were crying and carrying on when we arrived back at the house. Our parents did not take us seriously and did not believe us, or maybe they did and just did not want to scare us more?

I will never forget my encounter with that prehistoric looking man. That day will stay with me forever.


Rachel ******


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