Location: Wee Jasper, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2017

Time: 7pm





Myself and a friend drove to Wee Jasper, which was near where I used to go hunting. We had parked the car, set up and had a walk around. It was starting to get dark and we started walking back along the main road, and turned left into the bush to where we had parked the car.


We saw a light about 50m away and thought we had neighbours. We could see the light going along a track. My friend said “Is that light moving?” Then suddenly it ran. It ran for about 40-50m and stopped. We thought someone was breaking into the car, so we ran straight to it and found it was our light that we had left there, and it was on a different setting to what we had left. It was now on a blinking setting.


We got onto the spotlight and looked around but couldn’t see anything. We became a bit edgy and drove out of there down to a local camping site and talked about what had just happened. We didn’t know if it was a homeless person or one of these Yowies that people keep talking about. We decided to go back there.


I cleaned down one of the lights to get all of our prints off it and set it back at the location. I picked up a tree branch and hit a tree 3 times. About 100m away, immediately there was a response of a solid whack.

We looked around but couldn’t find anything and left.


Then about 3 weeks ago we went back. This time it was even crazier. I took a parabolic and voice recorder. I also went back with someone else this time because my other friend wasn’t available.


We parked the car in the same spot and did the same things. At 7pm we were arriving back at the car, same location and same time of night as last time. We had the parabolic out and were doing 10m walks, then stop and listen. We walked passed the place where the light thing happened. We tuned off our torches and came to a stop. As soon as we did that, there were 7 tree knocks. It was in our face, clear as day. We took it as a warning sign.


I thought it was time we got back to the car. I started walking and I noticed my friend was still standing there. I turned around to him, to my right and said let’s go. As my torch hit the area near him, he saw it.


He gave a full description of it. 7 ½’ tall. White with brown tinges on its shoulders. It was staring straight at us. My friend was white and shaking. He gave a full description which I still have a recording of.


When we got back to the car we shone the torches back up there and we both saw the eyes. It was trying to hide behind a tree and was peeking our every now and then. Its eyes were pretty far apart. It ducked down behind the shrubs and we didn’t see it again.


After we arrived back at the camp site, my friend was a bit concerned we couldn’t still be in a spot of danger. We started a fire and cooked some dinner. We measured a tape measure against a pole and it was about 7 ½’ tall. Then we started making plans to go back up there and leave a recorder. All of a sudden the tree knocks started again around the camp which is about 1.5 to 2km away from the other location.


We got the parabolic out again and we could hear it ‘trudge’ around the campsite. It was very audible. It was keeping just in the tree line in a D-shape. When it got behind us, it started creeping. My friend was concerned and commented that we’re not safe here either.


There was a house across the road. When this thing came close to the house, all the dogs went ballistic. After that, we didn’t hear it again.





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