Location: Wellingrove and Dundee, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2010

Time: Various





I captured this photo on my game camera at Glen Innes (March 1st 2019) and shown it around. People say it’s a Panther, but it’s definitely not a Panther. It’s far too small, but it’s a beautiful photo. We had the camera out at this location because we had a lot of wild dog problems. I had two pictures of wild dogs in the same position as to where the cat is, so I can compare the cat size to the dog size. It was a big dog of about 24/25 kilos and another of about 17/18 kilos, so that would make the cat about 8 to 12 kilos, which is a massive big feral cat.



In 1974/5 I saw a big Black Cat of about 7ft long. That was south of Glen Innes.


I have about 23 cameras in the district. I was a Pest Animal Ranger for 29 years. I started trapping 64 years ago. The Cat was the best camera image I have, but I do have others I can’t explain.






I’ve seen three different Yowies that I’m certain of.


The first one was in the late 70’s at Rummeries Hill, which is North West of Glen Innes. Myself and a mate were spotlighting for foxes and we came to this gate and I saw these eyes. I had never seen eyes like this before. I watched it for 4 or 5 minutes through the scope. He just stood there staring back at us and then it ran up through the scrub on two legs.


The next day we went back out there because I had a shot a couple of foxes and we went back to find them and where this thing ran was really rough and Stoney and you would have thought of was flat ground the way it ran up there, he handled it with no worries what so ever.


The eyes were clear bright diamond white eyes. I could see the whole figure. I thought who the hell would be out here watching us like that, especially when we had guns. But it was too big to be a man. It was a good 6 to 7ft tall at least, broad shoulders and thick body.


I had spoken to the property owner’s brother the next day and he and his brother been out there the week before spotlighting and saw it at the same gate. It was the first time I carried a rifle to open the gate.


It was only about 80m away. It was close enough to have heard us talking. Then it turned and jogged up into the scrub.






The next experience was about 2002 at Dundee which is about 8km north of the first sighting.


I was fishing with my son in-law. We arrived about 10 in the morning and only caught about 2 fish for the day. There was nothing biting so we decided to go and cook some food. We built a fire, cooked the food and were going to put up a lean-to for the night. My son in-law said he was just going to sleep in the open, so I thought I would sleep in the car.


Later that night were sitting there eating and there was a heap of crashing coming through the bush on the mountain side of the river. Two kangaroos came rushing out and one jumped about 3 metres into the water and started swimming towards us and the fire. On the other side of the river was a row of tee-tree and the other kangaroo was going back and forth, back and forth and wouldn’t go back through the tee-tree. We were watching with a 200W spotlight and he ended up going along the river.


I shot the light into the tee-tree and here are these two big browny-orange or reddish-brown eyes looking over the top of the tee-tree at us. I went out there the next morning to look for prints and I couldn’t see over the top of the tee-trees – that’s how high the eyes were. They were as big and wide as horse’s eyes. The spotlight was brighter than most car headlights. We could only see the top of the head and the eyes because the tee-tree was too thick to see through.


When it was chasing the kangaroos down the hill and out of the scrub, it was making a hell of a racket.


This thing just stood there watching us and then disappeared behind the tee-trees. He was there for a good 3 or 4 minutes. My son in-law didn’t sleep out in the open that night. We both slept in the car and locked the doors.






My third experience was at Wellingrove in 2009/10 which is just west of Dundee.


I was going in to check traps and the property owners had cut a track down into the side of a valley that you could get down in a 4WD. I checked the traps which took 2 hours, and the sun was just coming up as I was coming back. I looked on the side of the hill and thought it was a big red wallaby lying in the sunlight, so I pulled up because I hadn’t seen a wallaby that big…. Then it just stood up and walked back up and over the hill.


It would have been at least 5ft tall and the same colour as a red wallaby. It was just lying there in the sun on the side of a slope. It was lying on its left side, almost in a foetal position with its head propped up looking my way. He saw me when I pulled up. It had a human form, but covered in hair all over. The hair was long and shaggy. It had a very short neck. It was walking upright but leaning forward as it was walking up the hill. It had the same build as the one I saw through the scope. It didn’t look back at me, it disappeared into the trees.






My Grandfather and Great Uncle used to do a lot of kangaroo shooting between Deepwater, Tenterfield and in the Tarban Scrub and they kept a diary. I wish I could find this diary. They kept a journal of how many wallabies, kangaroos and other animals they shot and every now and then one of them would say “and I saw another Hairyman today”. They were entries all through this diary which would have dated back to the early 1900’s.


I knew where this diary was and I went back to find it and my Grandmother had cleaned up the place which was an old Dairy and everything had moved. I went through everything and could not find it.









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