Location: Helensburgh, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1994

Time: Night

Ridge Trail, Colliery Dam







This is the first time I’ve gone to anybody about it. I was face to face with this thing. I’ve left it so long before I actually spoke to anyone about it.


Recently I went to my mother’s house, as she still lives in Helensburgh and we went for a walk down where it happened and I actually found the tree that this thing pushed over.


I have about 5 or 6 witnesses that were there.


We were all in the Army Reserve at the time. I was with my mates on our motorbikes when two of my mates who were in a different regiment in the Reserves came up to us and said “You wouldn’t believe what happened last night…. We camped down by the Dam and something big terrorised our camping site”.


They EVACED that night. In the middle of the night they got up and took off. We kind of laughed at them like ‘yeah right, sure’…. And they said “No, there’s something big down there”. So we got a group together to camp down there that night.


There’s a lot of tracks that lead down to the Weir and there’s a sandy area on the side of the Weir. We camped on that side. I brought some mouse traps with me and some caps that you would put in a cap gun, then nailed them the traps to trees and used fishing line as a trip line across the tracks. When the line was tripped, the metal bar would some down onto the caps.


We had a couple of lean-to tents. I left some open cans of baked beans near the tents.


During the night we could hear some noises that I put down to animals, then about 10 minutes later we heard this tree being slowly pushed over until it crashed to the ground, Then 10 minutes later I could hear the baked beans can being knocked around and I thought it was just rats but then I could hear heavy breathing. The can was down the feet side of the tent. I had an Army angle torch and a knife, and I thought I’m going to count to three and then sit up and hit this thing in the head, whatever it was.


I opened the tent and shone the torch at it, and it looked at me and I looked at it and we both screamed. I went ‘aaarrgghh’ and it did the same. It didn’t look like a monkey, it looked more like an Aboriginal with a lot of hair, I can’t explain it. I was only about 3ft away from it. I’m shaking now just talking about it and it happed 20 years ago. He had hair all over him. Long hair and long hair on its face that was close to its eyes and broad nose.


It had its legs apart hunched over eating out of the can. Its arms must have been longer than ours. It was using two fingers getting the beans out of the can. It didn’t put the can up to its mouth. The can was still on the ground. A human would have picked the can up and had it closer to their mouth, as where this thing was using two fingers like chopsticks and bringing the beans up to its mouth while it was on the ground. It was hunched over with its butt nearly to the ground, legs wide open and both arms were between its legs.


It was between 6 and 7ft tall. Very hairy. It was between an animal and human, but I would say more human and probably the strength of the 6 of us. No clothes, just hair. It was solid and strong. It wasn’t human. The tree it pushed over was a decent size.


I put the light onto its face. It had normal teeth, just like us. No canines or anything like that, but his teeth were big and really yellow. He was really hairy. He did a 180 and took off through the bush. He was just as scared of me as I was of him. One of the guys who was there the previous night wanted to Evac, but I said no we’re staying here. We didn’t have cameras or anything like that, we were totally unprepared.


We got up in the morning and had a look around the camp. The tree it pushed down was only about 20 metres away and it was a decent sized tree. It was pushed down in our direction. Non of my traps went off. Did it see me putting the traps up, I don’t know. We could the path it pushed down through the bush where it ran off.


A couple of years later I was talking to one of my mates girlfriends and she said that she had never told anyone before, but she had seen something down there near where we camped. She was on a horse and the horse must have felt the presence of this animal or Wildman and put is ears up. They turned around and saw this thing and they took off in a gallop and this thing was keeping up with the horse.



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