Location: Hazelbrook, New South Wales


Event: Footprint Find


Date: May 22, 2001








Jerry and Sue O'Connor:



Hi Dean,


Here is a photograph of  the footprint we cast, just before we poured in the plaster.


Foot length = 360mm

Foot breadth across toes = 195mm

Distance between strides = 1360mm

Spacing between strides = 700mm

No of prints found = three, only one castable


*Encounter happened once again at time of Sues period


I was awoken at 1150pm, after experiencing the uncomfortable "electric" type feeling which "always" accompanies the presence of these "beings" as well as the frightening nightmares that precede them. I turned quickly toward the open curtained window, to catch sight of a dark shape disappearing to the side of the house, (once again I was amazed at the "normal' human sized shape of it's head, set low on these "gridiron player" like shoulders, completely out of proportion) 



Three of our cats also took flight out of the bedroom, emitting that strange growl they seem to save, for when these "beings" are close by.


I woke Sue (my wife) and told her "we've had another visitor" and later, after peering out the kitchen and other windows (nothing there) went back to sleep.


 Next morning, I went outside to the window area, the 2 cottons that had stretched across the side lawn (they're usual route to our window) attached from the side of our house, and 2 nearby trees, had been broken, and pulled up along the side of the house (or, as it would when a "person" etc walks through it and drags it along their body).


 In the estimated position of the '"dark shape" there was disturbed soil, but nothing that obviously resembled footprints. I then walked back down the side of the house, to the point it would have entered, there, I noticed the usual "crushed grass" type footprints, starting to brown, from, I guess, the enormous weight generated by this 8.2ft " hairy person"   


 Following the disturbed soil tracks (as they walk up the moist side of our house, they're big toe I think? seems to toss a tuft of dirt and moss forwards) I then came to the dampest part of our yard, where I found this castable 3 toed print, along with 2 other, not so good 3 toe'ers


*note - The recent bushfires through the Blue Mountains, seemed to have driven away our hairy mates. We have not seen, nor heard anything since Dec 4 2001. (another window visit) Looking at our black, toasted bush, I can understand why.


All o' the best

Jerry & Sue O'Connor

Jan 2002.









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