Location: Narara, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Late 2015

Time: 10pm

(Near Narara Creek)





I arrived home late after being at my Boyfriends house. I had parked at the bottom of the driveway and started walking up. I had previously left some rubbish up on the front veranda of the house and as I was walking up towards the house I could hear something rummaging through the rubbish.


I thought it may have person a person, so I stopped walking and was considering running back to my car. I reached down for my keys and suddenly it must have seen me because it ran down the stairs and on all fours really fast.


It was dark so I couldn’t see properly, but when it got to the fence I could see it. It jumped onto my fence by grabbing the fence with its big arms and big hands. It had a big head. It looked like an Orangutan sitting on the fence. It had orange hair. The hair was a big lighter in colour than an Orangutan, but it was long. Then it swung its legs over and landed on my neighbour’s property. The fence was wobbling for ages.


Then I ran upstairs thinking it was gone, but then I could hear it making weird noises. It was still hiding behind something because I could hear its feet shifting as it moved. So I got my keys, ran inside and locked the door.


This thing was far larger than I first thought it was. Its upper body was pretty big. My intuition tells me it was an adolescent. It had massive arms, shoulders, back and head. It would have been bigger than me.







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