Location: Murwillumbah, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2005

Time: Night



Hi Dean, I contacted you a few years ago about an encounter I had with a yowie swinging from a camphor laurel tree, but never followed through at the time. I’m now prepared to share my story.


Murwillumbah, Commercial Road (down near the boat ramp)
This was the first encounter I've ever had with Yowie being and never really thought too much about this sort of thing, it never entered my head before or really thought about such a creature existing but if I did, I would have blown it off like everyone else...


It was around 2005 and I had to pick a mate up from soccer training, after I picked him up we decided to go to KFC and get a takeaway feed. After we got our food we decided to go down to a boat ramp area and eat. This particular area is pretty popular throughout the day and even gets a few cars there at night where people eat in their cars, walk their dogs or just hang out there with friends. 


This particular night there wasn't anyone around, it was just myself and my mate. I don't know why, but I felt uneasy when we pulled up there. This could have been because no one was around, anyway I didn't think too much of it but I turned my car lights on (Holden VK, wish I still had it). Normally that area across the river with the houses has a fair bit of light shining over the river but this night it was dark, probably because not many houses had their lights on. I had my high beams on as my normal lights in my VK were pretty bad, I also had the car off. 


I had finished my KFC after about 10 -15 minutes and my mate was still eating his. While I was waiting for him, another mate of mine called me and I started chatting to him. While I was talking to him, this thing swung down through my high beams, attached to some vine/rope, and went out the other side of my high beams into the adjacent Camphor Laurel.



Location of the Event.



I got a good look at this thing and it had a baboon looking face with no tail, its legs were tucked up to its chest like in a foetal position and it had reddish/brown hair all over its body except its face.


I was pretty scared and felt very intimidated and I turned on the car (or at least was struggling to turn it on just like in the movies, it was probably because I had the high beams on draining the battery a little bit). I got the car started and got sideways booting it out of the lower adjacent road. 


My mate in the car had not seen the being swing from the trees as he was eating his meal and looking down at the time. He was freaking at this stage as he was totally scared of my reaction to whatever just took place.


As we booted it from that road I had two options, go to my left where I would have had to go back down past this thing from the adjacent top road or I could go to my right and avoid going past this thing.


I chose right and just as I was about to pull up onto the main road, when my mate heard the loudest clunk on top of his (front left passengers) head, we both looked up at the exact same time. I looked to my left and up and my mate just looked straight up... at this stage I was screaming "it’s on top of the car" my mate didn't know "wtf" was going on but was scared shitless...


I started going pretty fast while moving from left to right on the road, hoping this thing would fall off the car, while my mate kept looking back to see if anything was or had fallen off the car.


I booted it into town and pulled up near the Murwillumbah post office. The post office in town is really lit up with lights and was a good area to stop.


We stopped and both jumped out at the same time, expecting to see this thing on top of my car…


There wasn't anything on top of the car but.... There were reddish weird footprints all mashed on top of the car where we heard that bang. I had never seen footprints like these and didn't have a good phone to take a picture with, just had the crappy snake phone.

My car was white, so I got a good look, and there were probably about 20 or so footprints mashed in one area on top of the car.

So, that's my first encounter I had and have been fascinated with these beings ever since...


I’m now almost 36.... and the sighting would've happened when I was 19.  I wish I had written in a diary the exact date but never logged anything.


I would say the yowie was about 3 to 4 foot tall but it had its legs tucked up to its chest in a foetal position as it was swinging, so would be taller than that standing upright.


Its build looked very slim and streamlined but also looked very athletic and agile. Where I was parked only gave me a side-on view of it..


I saw a very blank look on its face but it was fixated on getting to the other side of the tree.


I personally would say it's a juvenile but never thought about that too much until I heard the stories on your YouTube channel about the different types of yowies.


I would also say that it was a male just by how it was acting... it wanted to be seen and I even wonder if it’s some type of ritual or manhood thing they have to do.. like scare the shit out of people... LOL.

It feels good to get this off my chest.













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